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Learn more about Paper Kit Pro in the light demo version. It has features from the full version. We hope you will like this introduction to this product!

What is in Demo?
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jaredkeithwhite 29 days ago

Are you folks available for a consulting fee to customize the templates for us? For example, I like the Paper Wizard better than the one that came with my Paper Dashboard. But I don't know enough about CSS to integrate it into the Dashboard without screwing every thing up.

  • downloaded

@jaredkeithwhite thank you for your interest in working with us. Unfortunately, we are not doing client based projects because we are very busy with the current development and support. You can try to integrate the Wizard inside the dashboard and if it is looking really bad we will check it and give you some tips in order to have it working smooth. Sincerely, we didn't try to integrate that wizard because we created one from scratch in Paper Dashboard. Let us know your status and we will see how we can help. Best, Alex!
27 days ago

  • downloaded
15 days ago

Can't find the Sketch files in the Pro download

  • downloaded

@gideonsummerfield thank you for using our product. We've checked and it looks like you've got the HTML package, the Sketch is in HTML + Sketch package when you purchase the product. Would you like to get a coupon to upgrade to the HTML + Sketch package just by paying the difference? Best, Alex!
12 days ago

  • downloaded
12 days ago

Sketch was listed as a component of the package I added to my basket. I was specifically looking for a solution with Sketch and the only reason I added this product in addition to the Dashboard version and the only reason I bought Paper over another solution. I didn't see a separate product listed with Sketch files. What is the additional cost of this product

  • downloaded

This is the product I purchased - Sketch files are clearly listed: https://imgur.com/a/id0KM
11 days ago

  • downloaded

@gideonsummerfield yes, you are right, the product has the Sketch files, they are coming in the HTML + Sketch package: https://imgur.com/a/7coYY when you purchase you see that. The difference is $37.5 and here is the coupon: "pk-html-to-htmlsketch". Hope you understand the situation and sorry that we didn't make it clearer that it is in a different package. Best, Alex!
10 days ago

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