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Vue Material Dashboard

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  • downloaded
19 days ago

Hi i am a developer and wants to create a code generator tool for vueJs by using this template. Which will generate forms etc with his template and users can download it. In simple i will be modifying the template and inserteing new forms based on the input of the user. Can i use this template for free of cost?

  • owner

Hi, @nag127 ! Thank you for using our products. Yes, you can use it, this is MIT License. Regards, Dragos
18 days ago

patricioariano 18 days ago

Hello Dragos, great job! I'm a designer with some little background on programming, therefore I would like to ask: does the premium version provides components library that could be loaded and used in Design software such as Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, etc?

  • owner

Hi, @patricioariano ! Thank you for using our products. The PRO version offers to you also on your choice the PSD and Sketch. Regards, Dragos
18 days ago

  • downloaded
17 days ago

when i run npm run dev there is 4 errors. ERROR Failed to compile with 4 errors error in ./src/assets/scss/material-dashboard.scss error in ./src/pages/UpgradeToPRO.vue?vue&type=style&index=0&id=5389c11a&lang=scss&scoped=true& error in ./src/components/NotificationPlugin/Notifications.vue?vue&type=style&index=0&lang=scss& error in ./src/components/NotificationPlugin/Notification.vue?vue&type=style&index=0&id=44cd8f7c&lang=scss&scoped=true&

  • owner

Hi, @nexioive ! Thank you for using our products. Please be sure that you have the latest node and npm installed. I've tested also on our devices and on our side everything seems to be ok. Regards, Dragos
17 days ago

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