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Vuetify Material Dashboard PRO

Vuetify Material Dashboard PRO

Premium Vuejs Admin Template
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Premium Support
6 months Updates
Release: 29 days ago
Update: 10 days ago

200 Handcrafted Elements

4 Customized Plugins

8 Example Pages


Fully Responsive

Product certified by: Creative Tim

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Learn more about Vuetify Material Dashboard PRO in the light demo version. It has features from the full version. We hope you will like this introduction to this product!

What is in Demo?
  • Elements · 16
  • Plugins · 2
  • Examples Pages · 7
  • -
  • -
What is in PRO Version?
  • Elements · 200
  • Plugins · 4
  • Example Pages · 8
  • + Documentation
  • + SASS Files
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Github Docs FAQ Page

  • owner
15 days ago

I've just pushed a fix for this. It will go out with the next release.

  • downloaded
13 days ago

Hi Guys, My Account is supposed to have access to "Premium Support", how do I access this. I have experienced no difference in the support mechanism to the "Community Support".

  • downloaded
9 days ago

Hi guys! I consider getting a pro version of this template BUT - your free demo run on Vuetify 1.2.9 version. That is a way to the old core for a premium template. I was able to upgrade to 1.5.18, but haven't tested it extensivly. What about PRO version? I mean, since it have 200 components I'm a bit concerned about building upon v.1.2. today, since v2.2 is about to be released. Any thoughts from you about it? Cheers

maiconartinselicio 8 days ago

Hi, i'm having problems to show a modal in this template, i can't find Vueitfy in node_modules, so i added Vuetify lib and I have some problems after install package. Could someone help me? Are the some chat to talk about it a little faster?

  • owner

You will need to run `npm install` when you first download the theme to install the packages. You do not have to manually configure anything.
8 days ago

  • downloaded
6 days ago

Hi @johneiderfok. I need an answer on my question before I can place my order for dev license. Thanks in advance.

  • downloaded
6 days ago


orcamento 1 day ago

Hello, I paid, and did not release my downloads.

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