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The Notify is a beautiful, responsive, customisable, accessible replacement for Javascript’s popup boxes. This plugin helps to turn standard Notify alerts into "growl" like notifications.
Keep reading our Notify examples and learn how to use this plugin.



You can trigger notifications both from template and javascript via $notify or this.$notify method.



  <base-button @click="notifyTopLeft">Top left</base-button>
  <base-button @click="notifyTopCenter">Top center</base-button>
  <base-button @click="notifyTopRight">Top right</base-button>

  <base-button @click="notifyBottomLeft">Bottom left</base-button>
  <base-button @click="notifyBottomCenter">Bottom center</base-button>
  <base-button @click="notifyBottomRight">Bottom right</base-button>

export default {
  methods: {
    notifyTopRight() {
      this.$notify({verticalAlign: 'top', horizontalAlign: 'right', message: 'Top right'});
    notifyTopLeft() {
      this.$notify({verticalAlign: 'top', horizontalAlign: 'left', message: 'Top left'});
    notifyTopCenter() {
      this.$notify({verticalAlign: 'top', horizontalAlign: 'center', message: 'Top center'});
    notifyBottomLeft() {
      this.$notify({verticalAlign: 'bottom', horizontalAlign: 'left', message: 'Bottom left'});
    notifyBottomCenter() {
      this.$notify({verticalAlign: 'bottom', horizontalAlign: 'center', message: 'Bottom center'});
    notifyBottomRight() {
      this.$notify({verticalAlign: 'bottom', horizontalAlign: 'right', message: 'Bottom center'});


<base-button type="info" @click="$notify({type: 'info', message: 'Info Notification'})">Info</base-button>
<base-button type="success" @click="$notify({type: 'success', message: 'Success Notification'})">Success</base-button>
<base-button type="warning" @click="$notify({type: 'warning', message: 'Warning Notification'})">Warning</base-button>
<base-button type="danger" @click="$notify({type: 'danger', message: 'Danger Notification'})">Danger</base-button>

Notification props

message String N/A  
title String N/A Notification title
icon String N/A Notification icon
verticalAlign String top Vertical alignment of notification (top/bottom)
horizontalAlign String right Horizontal alignment of notification (left/center/right)
type String info Notification type of notification (default/info/primary/danger/warning/success)
timeout Number 5000 Notification timeout (closes after X milliseconds). Default is 5000 (5s)
timestamp Date Thu Apr 16 2020 14:51:53 GMT+0300 (Ora de vară a Europei de Est) Notification timestamp (used internally to handle notification removal correctly)
component Object / Function N/A Custom content component. Cane be a .vue component or render function
showClose Boolean true Whether to show close button
closeOnClick Boolean true Whether to close notification when clicking it’ body
clickHandler Function N/A Custom notification click handler