Build Tools

Learn how to use Notus’s, for Vue, included npm scripts to compile source code, run tests, and more.

Available commands

# Name Usage Description Read More
1 install npm install This command installs a package, and any packages that it depends on. Read more
2 serve npm run serve Starts a dev server (based on webpack-dev-server) that comes with Hot-Module-Replacement (HMR) working out of the box. Read more
3 build npm run build Produces a production-ready bundle in the dist/ directory, with minification for JS/CSS/HTML and auto vendor chunk splitting for better caching. The chunk manifest is inlined into the HTML. Read more
4 lint npm run lint Lints and fixes files. If no specific files are given, it lints all files in src and tests. Read more
5 build:tailwind npm run build:tailwind This will compile and create the Tailwind CSS styles inside src/assets/styles/tailwind.css. NOTE, each time you add a new class to your components, you will have to run this command, so that those new classes would be compiled by tailwind, and the styles will be applied. Read more
6 install:clean npm run install:clean This command will remove the node_modules folder and package_lock.json file, will install a fresh copy of them and it will start the development server. (NOTE: this command only works on linux based terminals)