About Creative Tim

Creative Tim is a startup based in Romania that creates design tools looking to make the development process faster and easier.

What we do

Creative Tim offers Bootstrap based design elements that speed up your development work. From plugins to complex kits, we have everything you need.

We love the web and care deeply for how users interact with a digital product. The idea behind Creative Tim was creating a standard of things we actually need and would personally use inside our web projects. We power businesses and individuals to create better looking web projects around the world.

We take great interest in how our customers use our resources and offer strong support and unlimited updates. We are constantly thinking about how to make our products intuitive, beautiful and extremely easy to understand, so feel free to tell us your thoughts!

Who we are

Alexandru Paduraru

Alexandru Paduraru
Managing Partner

Alex is one of the co-founders and drives the technical strategy of the platform, customer support and brand. He is level-headed, smart and with a taste for simple, aesthetic design. Alex likes to travel to new places, read and go to parties.

Beniamin Marcu

Beniamin Marcu
Web Developer

Beni is the guy responsible for keeping the platform in check, improving its functionality and adding new features. He is driven, always open for learning more, friendly and a fan of Ruby on Rails. Beni likes to travel to read, play football and watch movies.

Elena Conacel

Cristina Conacel
Managing Partner

Cristina is one of the co-founders and takes care of growth, product development and partnerships. She is analytical, driven and adapts easily to new conditions, while trying to keep everyone on track. Cristina likes to read, listen to music and learn new things.

Elena Conacel

Diana Caliman
Marketing Strategist

Diana is the person behind our social media channels, she takes care of our users' community and communication. She is ambitious, hard-working, instantly likeable and fun to be around. Diana is interested in fashion, listening to music and going out.


Diana Miron

She is the creative mind behind the logo showing Tim. She's an awesome illustrator and front-end developer that loves getting involved in new projects and creating characters. See her work here and feel free to contact her, she's friendly and willing to help!

Sanjay Mistry

Sanjay is a close friend of Creative Tim and has been an early support for creating a designer community. He is the owner of a new Bootstrap theme marketplace which is due to launch next year. Subscribe and get notifications from Bootstrap Responsive Themes and stay tuned to their Facebook page.


The guys at Mi Goals are absolutely inspirational and supportive. They have provided images for us, helping us better express our goals visually. You should check out their awesome work and switch over to the 'Get Shit Done' mantra with their poster.

Want to work with us?

If you like our work and are interested in finding out more about us, send us an email at [email protected]. We are constantly looking for innovative, creative, hard-working people that can share our vision. We'd love to see what we could build together.

Interested in an affiliation?

If you think your users can benefit from our products and want to showcase them, we offer affiliations for up to 30%. Get in touch with us at [email protected] to find out about past deals, metrics and how we could help out with your sales.

Want to write about us?

We are friendly, social people and we like to explain our vision and mission to anyone willing to listen. If you want to write about us or simply find our more about what we do, feel free to send us an email at [email protected] for any media queries.