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If you purchased any item from our website in the last 30 days, you can get an upgrade coupon to our Black Friday Bundles and you will pay only the difference.

For example, you purchased Paper Dashboard PRO React - Personal License with HTML Archive at $49 and you want to upgrade to React Bundle at $99 you will get a coupon to pay only $50. Contact us for more details.

You can upgrade your Bundle anytime from the Personal License to Developer License so you can use the products for multiple clients/websites. Contact us for more details.

You can upgrade your Bundle anytime to our Big Bundle, so you can have access to all our HTML, React, Angular and Vue products for multiple clients/websites. Contact us for more details.

Due to high demand in purchases during the Black Friday offer, our payment vendor (2Checkout/Avangate) has some digital delivery delays.

Usually they do a lot of security checks to make sure you are the owner of the Credit Card/Paypal Account to protect you. You should see the bundle in your account in maximum 30 minutes. Please make sure you checked also your Spam folder for emails with the subject: "Creative Tim" or "2checkout".

If more than 30 minutes passed please contact us and we will manually take care of your order.

All our products come with HTML or React or Angular or Vue code archive. Since our products are used also by designers, some of them contain code + PSD files, some contain code + Sketch files and some containe code + PSD and Sketch. This is based on the feedback that we got from our customers.

To see exactly what product contains what please check this link: on the left side where are the icons (Photoshop/Sketch) presented. If you have more questions please contact us.

We are glad to know that you love our products. Hope they are helping you create better projects.

We are very curious to see what you want to tell us!

Verify that you have paid for maintenance on your account. If you do not have an active maintenance account, your message will have a low priority for us!

Sometimes our payment Vendor Avangate is taking longer time to process the payment. It makes sure the person who made the purchase is exactly the owner of the card/paypal to prevent internet frauds. That’s it, just some extra security checks for your account protection. Hope that makes sense and we sorry for the inconvenience.
Please let us know if the processing payment is taking too much time and we will manually check it.

To get the invoice you need to:
1. Access your account from on our payment vendor Avangate:
2. Insert your Avangate Order No. or the email that you used in the purchase flow
3. You will receive a login link on your email
4. Check the Order History section.

Extra Info: If you are ordering on behalf of a company, the invoice will be sent automatically to the billing email address provided during ordering. For each completed order, a payment receipt will also be sent automatically to the billing email address provided.

If you still cannot get the invoice please send us a message with your case.

You can upgrade from Personal License to Developer License whenever you want by just paying the difference. You just have to send us an email with the product that you have and we will give you an unique coupon for the upgrade. For example if you paid $49 for Material Dashboard PRO - Personal License and now you need the Developer License which is $199, you just need to pay $150.

If you organise a hackathon, you are a teacher/student in an IT school or work for non-profit organisations, we would be happy to sponsor you with gift licenses for our Premium Products. The persons who get the sponsorships will be able to use our products to speed up their development process.

Extra info: For the hackathon case the winners would be able to use the licenses for our products outside of the hackathon too. 

Send us any details about your case and we will come back with more details on how to get access to the sponsorships and if you are eligible for that.

Thank you for your interest in working with us. Unfortunately, we are not doing client based projects, we are very busy with the development of new products for We can offer you any of our UI Kits, Templates or Dashboards and then recommend you some friends who have web design agencies and can help you with the development:

Name: Humphrey Pietersen (humphrey.pietersen[at]
Name: Alex Plop (beopenagency[at]

Hope that information helps you. Please let us know if we can help you with anything else.
Didn't find what you came for? Please make sure to check also our Frequently Asked Section. We cover there most of the questions that you have.

If you still don't have an answer to your questions feel free to contact us via email.

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