Awesome ChatGPT Prompts

Discover the power of the ChatGPT cheatsheet! With 50+ prompts for different domains, it will help you boost your productivity and use AI to make your life easier.


Act as a software developer. Come up with an architecture and code for developing a [attorney] website with scheduling features using HTML.

Can you provide an HTML code snippet that creates a button with a hover effect and a link to the following page [insert URL]?

Show me how to create a CSS animation for a button when it is hovered over.


Act as a social media expert. Create social media post for the [product name] that targets [women with age between 20 to 35/user persona] and has the following features. Use emojis to make it more readable.

Create a Twitter content calendar for 1 month with 2 posts per day, except Saturdays, for a [social media agency newly opened]. Use a table and hashtags.

Act as a social media manager. Create an Instagram strategy for Creative Tim/ describe your brand and product.


Act as a marketing expert. Write down the steps on how you can track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns across different channels to improve ROI.

Create an email marketing campaign for [target audience with details] based on their interests and purchase history.

Create a customized message for clients who have multiple purchases.


Act as an SEO Expert for a new e-commerce website with the features above. Create a general SEO Strategy.

Act as an SEO Expert. Create a table with 10 keywords on [seo topic] and include data on search volume, competition, and related keywords.

Act as a content marketer. You are working at a [seo company] and you have to create a content plan for one month for the company's blog. Use a table to present the plan including date, topic, content type, target audience, keywords focus, and responsible.


What topic ideas do you suggest for the following keyword [x]? Can you propose 5 topics?

Suggest a content outline for the following article topic [topic title]. Include a small description for each subtopic.

Write X metaphors to explain the benefits of [product/service] taking into consideration that the product addresses to [audience details].

UI/UX Design

Create a user persona for a [Women Fitness] mobile app. Use a table for representation.

Brainstorm ideas for different ways to design a [Fitness] app.

Create a user flow for a [fitness app] with the following features: [insert features]


Share a step-by-step systematic approach for solving the following business challenge.

Create a meeting agenda to discuss [insert subject details].

Can you help me create a presentation aimed at attracting potential investors by guiding me on what elements should I incorporate?


Write down 20 possible interview questions for a [job title] role.

Can you do a mock interview with me for a [job title] position? You ask the questions, I'll share my answers, and you give me feedback. Please ask only one question to begin.

I am doing research for an interview that I have with [X company] for [position] and the name of my interviewer is [name]. Can you give me the following: 1. General information about the company (the industry, competitors, etc) 2. The culture of the company 3. Questions I can ask at the end of the interview 4. Any mistakes I can potentially be making that would specifically affect my candidacy


What steps should I use for IF function in Excel to perform logical tests and return specific results?

What steps should I use for VLOOKUP function in Excel to retrieve data from a table based on a lookup value?

What steps should I use for CONCATENATE function in Excel to combine text from multiple cells into one cell?

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How to write ChatGPT prompts?

Writing efficient prompts for ChatGPT can definitely be a bit of an art form, but with a little practice, you'll be a pro in no time.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is the more information you can give the AI about the topic or situation you want it to respond to, the better. For example, instead of writing ‘What are some good marketing tactics for my business?‘, you could write ‘What are some effective marketing tactics for a small B2B software company targeting CIOs and IT directors that can be implemented in the next 3 months?‘.

Secondly, you can try telling the AI to assume an identity or profession to help guide its responses. For example, if you're asking the AI to provide advice on a legal matter, you could tell it to assume the role of a lawyer. This can help ensure that the AI's responses are tailored to your specific needs.

Also, do not forget to write your prompts in a conversational tone. Pretend like you're talking to a friend or colleague, and try to phrase your questions in a way that feels natural and easy to understand.