Tailwind CSS Icons - Notus JS

Free and open source icons to use in your Tailwind and JavaScript website.

Font Awesome 5

Optionally, this product comes with Font Awesome which means 3000+ more vector icons made for you to use.


In order to use this icons on your page you will need to include the following script in the <head> section of your page before the theme’s main style:


Note, if your .html file is not on the same level as the assets folder, you will have to change the href from ./ to ../, or how many folder your .html file is inside. For a better understanding, please check all the example pages from the downloaded folder.


Start placing icons in your HTML’s <body>. We recommend using a consistent HTML element, like <i>. Find the right icon and learn how to reference it in your markup.

You need to know two bits of information to reference an icon:

  1. its name, prefixed with fa{type} fa- and
  2. the style you want to use’s corresponding prefix.

NOTE: {type} can be one of s (solid), r (regular), l (light), d (duotone), or b (brands).

<i class="fas fa-heart"></i>


Get the icon you need on the official website:

Quick start here