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Since every project needs a datepicker, we created a nice personalized one inspired by iOS7. Like the look and feel? Go for it! Download an integrate it.

Feel free to give us any feedback and we'll help with everything needed to set you up. If you are looking for the original docs, you can find it here:

Be sure to check these guys out, their repositories are awesome and easy to build on top of!


M.Reza Eidipour

Hey thanks for this this days im working with rtl style i hope i can get nice style
Mar 08, 20:45

Val Luminarias
  • purchased

nice datepicker, thanks for sharing
Jan 09, 03:29

Guruprasad Gandhi

Dec 25, 11:44

Guruprasad Gandhi

looks nice
Dec 25, 11:42

Alex Paduraru
  • owner

Thank you all for your comments! We're glad to be of help!
Aug 18, 09:35

Anonymous Tim

Jul 30, 06:10

  • purchased

nice job
Jul 21, 10:15

sara imam
  • purchased

thank you :)
May 23, 17:48

Dani Fanton

i like how it has an iOS7 feel. maybe a timepicker coming soon?
May 04, 07:57

Alex Paduraru
  • owner

@Lou, @Andrei, @Adriana thank you for your kind remarks!
Apr 16, 07:33

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