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bin.ngoctu 5 months ago

Hi, love the theme. I'm struggling to apply the bootstrap affix element in the main-panel area. It has something to do with the vh100 of the wrapper. Can you advise on a fix whilst still keeping the vh100.

  • downloaded
4 months ago

Hey everyone! I installed the free version using the Ruby gem found here: My questions is, how can I get access to the css and js files? Will I just have to download them and place them in my asset pipeline - or can I access them through the gem? Thank you!

  • owner

@mrjustic from what we know you cannot access them through the gem. You can create extra CSS and JS files to overwrite what you need to overwrite. In this way when there will be an update for the gem then you will not have any conflicts between the new CSS and your old CSS. Hope that make sense. Best, Alex!
4 months ago

  • downloaded
2 months ago

Awesome template

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