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fawaz.iqbalkhan 29 days ago

hello @axelut , your kit is good. i am stuck with the form submission. could you help me out with it? i wanted to validate the form using ajax before sending to another php file but nothing happens. does the theme have it's own validation and submission mechanism?

  • owner

@fawaz.iqbalkhan thank you for using our product. We are not using any mechanism, it is the regular form from the HTML. Can you please send a link with your website so we can check on the live example? Best, Alex!
26 days ago

vikramchandra 19 days ago

Does this work with bootstrap 4?

  • owner

@vikramchandra thank you for your interest in our product. At his moment it is working only with BS3, we will migrate it to BS4 as soon as they release a stable Beta. All the best, Alex!
18 days ago

vikramchandra 15 days ago

If I buy the premium version of the theme now will I have to buy the theme again once it is upgraded for Bootstrap 4?

  • owner

@vikramchandra thank you for your interest in our products! No, if you've got the BS3 version you will get the BS4 version for Free. Please let us know if we can help you with any other information. Best, Alex!
15 days ago

  • downloaded
14 days ago

Do not open the menu. Nothing happens when you click.

  • downloaded

13 days ago

  • owner

@daniildaniil762 can you please give us more details about the issue?
13 days ago

  • downloaded
11 days ago

This is amazing.

  • downloaded
4 days ago


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