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Release: 4 months ago
Update: 1 month ago
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4 months ago

Daaaang...this looks wicked - thanks for the share!

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1 month ago

thank you !

hadi.riazi 1 month ago

@creative-tim I'm already using your bootstrap wizard (its awesome) , can i simply change the theme to look like paper ? (are there any other themes or designs that i can apply to what i currently have ?) Thanks!

  • downloaded
20 days ago

how do i set the email address for this to be sent to me


@solobama thank you for using our product. You need some PHP in order to process the request for the user then send that information to an email, please check this tutorial for more details: Best, Alex!
18 days ago

  • downloaded
17 days ago

Hi Tim I downloaded the Paper Bootstrap Wizard, very nice design, thx! ;) I have problems with the HTML5 validation, if I activate the default required paramter, the form (the first block, Location) falls appart as soon the Filed is required message appears, is ther any way to have the message poping up in a box that will not cause such an issue?

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