Support Licenses What is the difference between a Free and a Pro product?

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The differences between the Free and Pro products consists of the number of components, plugins, sections, pages in each.

The Free versions contain only a few elements which allow you to build a website but the PRO version is gives you much more flexibility. Also, some of the the PRO versions come with included Photoshop/Sketch files for prototyping. For example, our latest UI Kit Material Kit:

  1. Free Version: Material Kit
  2. PRO Version: Material Kit Pro

If you scroll to the middle of the page you will see a comparison of the products. 60 components vs 1000 components, plugins 2 vs 7, example pages 3 vs 10, a better and more complex documentation for the PRO, Photoshop files etc. All the components are elements like buttons, icons, tables, comments areas, modals, cards etc.

Basically, the Free version is like a Demo for the PRO, like a sample.