Build tools

For the purpose of creating the smoothest and easiest to use experience we had to use external packages and we’re pretty sure you’re going to do the same thing for easing your development experience.


Soft UI Pro React Native is a premium mobile UI template built with Google’s React-Native allowing you to create powerful and beautiful mobile applications.

Using the mobile application is very simple but it does require you to understand basic React functions and React Native also to work with React Native, you will need to have an understanding of JavaScript fundamentals.

Getting Started


Once you’ve downloaded the product from our website you should unzip the folder. The next step is for you to open up your terminal and go directly to the newly created folder called soft-ui-react-native-vX.Y (x and y are numbers indicating the version number). Once you’re there run npm install or yarn install and then expo start to start the project.

  • Running on Simulator: If you are using a simulator or emulator, you may find the following Expo CLI keyboard shortcuts to be useful:
  • Pressing i will open in an iOS simulator.
  • Pressing a will open in an Android emulator or connected device.
  • Pressing w will open in your browser. Expo supports all major browsers.