Booking Card


The Booking Card component helps you to simply create beautiful cards for booking purposes like flights, hotels and etc.

The below codes are editable and you can modify them the way you want directly from your browser, please use the green button or the ctrl + s to save the changes.


// Material Dashboard 2 PRO React Examples import BookingCard from "examples/Cards/BookingCard"; // Material Dashboard 2 PRO React Components import MDTypography from "/product/components/MDTypography"; // @mui material components import Icon from "@mui/material/Icon"; import MuiTooltip from "@mui/material/Tooltip";
Cozy 5 Stars Apartment

Cozy 5 Stars Apartment

The place is close to Barceloneta Beach and bus stop just 2 min by walk and near to "Naviglio" where you can enjoy the main night life in Barcelona.


Barcelona, Spain

Props Information

image*stringUsed to set the BookingCard image. Its a required prop.
title*stringUsed to set the BookingCard title. Its a required prop.
description*stringUsed to set the BookingCard description. Its a required prop.
price*stringUsed to set the BookingCard price. Its a required prop.
location*stringUsed to set the BookingCard location. Its a required prop.
action*boolnodefalseUsed to set the BookingCard action buttons.