Vue Checkbox - Soft UI

Use our Vue checkbox to allow the user to select one or more items from a set. You can use a checkbox for:

  1. Selecting one or more options from a list
  2. Presenting a list containing sub-selections
  3. Turning an item on/off in a desktop environment (If you have a single option, avoid using a checkbox and use an on/off switch instead)

See below our examples.

Default Checkbox

Use this example to create a simple and versatile checkbox.

Props Information

idStringUsed to set the id of SoftCheckbox.
nameStringUsed to set the name of SoftCheckbox.
checkedboolUsed to set the checked state of SoftCheckbox.

Radio Button

Radio buttons are used for selecting one option from many. You can Create consistent cross-browser and cross-device checkboxes with our SoftRadio component.

Props Information

id*StringUsed to set the id of SoftRadio.
name*StringUsed to set the name of SoftRadio.
checkedboolUsed to set the checked state of SoftRadio.