Vue Input - Soft UI

Easily create inputs with different statuses and sizes using our component based on Vue.js.

Input fields are an essential user interface design element, providing users with the means to enter non-standardized responses.

Find below several examples of input components that you can use to create your forms using Vue Soft UI Dashboard.

Default Example

Use this example to create a simple and versatile input.

Props Information

idStringUsed to add id to the SoftInput component.
typeStringUsed to set the type for the SoftInput component.
placeholderStringUsed to set placeholder to SoftInput component.
valueStringUsed to set the value for the SoftInput value attribute.
nameStringUsed to add value to the SoftInput name attribute.
size'sm''md''lg'Change the SoftInput size.
iconstringUsed to set an icon on the SoftInput.
iconDir["left", "right"]noneUsed to set the icon direction to the left or right side of SoftInput
errorboolfalseChange the SoftInput border color to red, its useful when displaying the error messages.
successboolfalseChange the SoftInput border color to green, its useful when displaying the success messages.
isRequiredboolfalseUsed to make the SoftInput required. use it.
HTML5 AttributesYou can also use HTML5 input attributes for theSoftInput.

Input With Icon

Use the following example of input with icon that makes the action more explicit.

Success/Error Input

For a user-friendly experience, use this input example when creating your form.

Input Sizes

Use these examples to create inputs of different sizes.

HTML5 Inputs

Use this example to create a detailed form using our Vue.js-based inputs.