Support Products What is the difference between HTML archive and html+psd/sketch archive?

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The difference between packages consists of what you get in the archive after you purchase the product.

The HTML archive is the one that contains the actual code. Depending on your downloaded product this code can be:

  1. pure HTML with SCSS and JS files
  2. or HTML/SCSS/JS + Angular/Vue.js/ReactJS coded files.

The HTML + PSD or HTML + Sketch contains the HTML archive explained above PLUS the extra Photoshop or Sketch Files which can be used by a designer from your team to work on the design of your platform. The flow will be something like:

  1. The designer is using the files to create a quick prototype.
  2. You discuss that prototype with the development team or you show that prototype to your client.
  3. If everything is fine, you then start to code.