Flutter Drawer Tile

Piece of content for all items in a navigation drawer

Used for creating every route link in the Drawer.


  icon: Icons.home,
  onTap: () {
    if (currentPage != "Home")
      Navigator.pushReplacementNamed(context, '/home');
  iconColor: ArgonColors.primary,
  title: "Home",
  isSelected: currentPage == "Home" ? true : false


You can always hover with your mouse on any object and see its types and parameters.

Parameter Type Default Description
title String   Title of the tile.
icon IconData   Icon used on the left side of the title.
onTap Function   onTap function which is called when the user taps the tile.
isSelected bool false This helps by showing an active color for the main route.
iconColor Color ArgonColors.text Colors for the icon.