List of frequently asked questions and answers

I want to extract files in Windows.


  • Unzip the file with WinRar or your preferred unarchiver
  • Right click on the extracted file and select View files.

How do I customise the app?

I need to customise certain widgets used in the app. How can I do it?

Solution: The whole app is made modular , so customizing the widgets used in the app will be a cakewalk. Every reusable widget used in the app are separated into different dart files under the /widgets directory. Each of these widgets take the required parameters and a list of data items. These widgets can be modified to app requirements and is completely modular in structure.

I need to use custom colors and also use certain primary colors and themes across my whole app.

Solution: Under the /lib/constants you can find a Theme.dart file that specifies all colors we have used in this app. You can either add, remove or change everything in the ArgonColors class. Once you change an already existing color, refresh the app and you’ll see that specific color change everywhere inside the app.

How do I decide which widget must be Stateful and which one must be Stateless?


  1. Figure out which widgets must be Stateful and Stateless

Widgets in Flutter can be Stateful or Stateless, depending on whether they depend on some state. If a widget changes—the user interacts with it, it’s Stateful; otherwise it can be Stateless. Stateful widgets are useful when the part of the user interface you are describing can change dynamically. Read more about this on Flutter’s official docs.

  1. If using Stateful widget, decide which object manages the widget’s state.

There are three main ways to manage state:

  • The widget manages its own state.
  • The parent manages the widget’s state.
  • A mix-and-match approach

How do you decide which approach to use? The following principles should help you decide:

  • If the state in question is user data, for example the checked or unchecked mode of a checkbox, or the position of a slider, then the state is best managed by the parent widget.
  • If the state in question is aesthetic, for example an animation, then the widget itself best manages the state.
  • When in doubt, let the parent widget manage the child widget’s state.

None of the above, I have a different query?

The above listed FAQs were not of your help? Facing some other issues?

Solution: We provide our customers with lively support and welcome all your issues. We request you to provide a short description of the visible symptoms of the error that you are facing. If applicable, include error messages, screen shots, and stack traces. If applicable, submit a step-by-step walkthrough of how to reproduce the issue. Contact us here.