The MKSnackbar component helps you to simply create a beautiful notification/alert. It uses MUI Snackbar in base and you can use all of the props from MUI Snackbar for the MKSnackbar component.

The components will be visible on the bottom right corner of the page.

The below codes are editable and you can modify them the way you want directly from your browser, please use the green button or the ctrl + s to save the changes.


// Material Kit 2 PRO React Components import MKSnackbar from "components/MKSnackbar";

Props Information

color'primary''secondary''info''success''warning''error''light''dark'infoChange the MKSnackbar type.
icon*nodeUsed to set the MKSnackbar icon, its a required prop.
title*stringUsed to set the MKSnackbar title, its a required prop.
dateTime*stringUsed to set the MKSnackbar date or time, its a required prop.
content*nodeUsed to set the MKSnackbar content or description, its a required prop.
bgWhiteboolfalseUsed to set the MKSnackbar background color to white.
close*functionUsed to close the MKSnackbar once the user hit the close button, its a required prop.
MUI PropsYou can pass all of the MUI Snackbar props for the MKSnackbar as well.


The below code contains a full exmaple of the MKSnackbar, you can check the functionality as well that how the MKSnackbar toggles between visible and invisible states.