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Material Kit PRO React

Premium Material-UI Kit
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Premium Support
Lifetime Updates
Release: 3 months ago
Update: 24 days ago

1000 Handcrafted Components

6 Customized Plugins

12 Example Pages


Fully Responsive

Product certified by: Creative Tim

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Learn more about Material Kit PRO React in the light demo version. It has features from the full version. We hope you will like this introduction to this product!

What is in Demo?
  • Components · 60
  • Plugins · 4
  • Examples Pages · 3
  • -
  • -
  • -
What is in PRO Version?
  • Components · 1000
  • Plugins · 6
  • Example Pages · 12
  • + Documentation
  • + SASS Files
  • + Photoshop Files
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  • downloaded
13 days ago

Hello there. How do we get updates for the library? Will we have to manually download zip files and replace component manually in our projects that use the library?

  • owner

Hello there @righthere . Thank you for your interest in working with our products. Yes, you need to download again the zip. If you want to clearly see the differences from one update to another the best way to do this is to have two private repos, one on which you are developing, and one on which you should keep our product unaltered, on every update that we make, you could copy our product and put it on top of that repo. Github will tell you all the differences that were made, and I think this is the best way. Best, Manu.
13 days ago

  • downloaded
9 days ago

Hello, where can I find examples how to use wizard and regular forms?

  • owner

Hello there @oracicorrea and thank you for your ineterest in working with our products. You've opened this comment to the Material Kit PRO React product, which does not make use of wizard or regular forms. Is this an issue with the Material Dashboard PRO React? If so, you can check our live docs for it: . Best, Manu.
8 days ago

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