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shashidharr7 9 days ago

Am looking for ReactJs Horizontal Time Line UI kit

  • owner

Hello there @shashidharr7 and thank you for your interest shown to our products. Can you please detail what you need? Best, Manu.
9 days ago

  • downloaded
8 days ago

Hi, as material-kit-react has a blog and shop, shouldn't it be ran as a rendered version. Is there any doc to run a rendered version with firebase cloud function (may be with/without nextjs)? If not do you think it shouldn't be difficult to convert it into a rendered version with firebase function or this(material-kit-react) is not meant to be ran as rendered? Thanks

  • owner

Hello there @khalidazmusakib and thank you for your interest in working with our product. I am not sure I fully understand your use case, but I really believe that you can do anything with this product (and any of our products) for that matter. The thing is that you have to do the integration yourself. Can you imagine if we were to create this product, integrated with all the plugins and all the frameworks there are in the IT industry? We wouldn't have time to work on new products :( . And that is why we try to only offer our users the front-end, and they have to add the back-end themselves and any other specific plugins, frameworks, and technologies. Since this is a free product, you can try everything on it. Hope this information helps you. Best, Manu.
7 days ago

  • downloaded
8 days ago

Hi - Was interested in switching trying this theme on a project I've already started with vanilla material-ui. I have tried removing @material-ui/core and adding material-kit-react but am met with a error about babel-eslint versions. It looks like this is because react-scripts used by material-kit-react is pretty outdated. Is it expected that we start with your download, or is there a way to easily integrate with an existing project?

  • owner

Hello there @timlukacik . Thank you for your interest in working with our product. Our product works just fine with the dependencies that it comes with, so when starting a new project from scratch, you will need our dependencies. We expect that by the end of this year to be able to update our Material products to the latest dependencies. Best, Manu.
7 days ago

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