Reactstrap Core Page Components

For demo purposes, with one exception.


All the files from src/components/index-page/*, src/components/presentation-page/* and src/components/sections-page/* folders are just for demo purposes, to show you our elements such as Buttons, Footers, etc. (src/components/index-page/*), to also show you what this product is about (src/components/presentation-page/*), and to show you some of our ready made sections (src/components/sections-page/*). With just one exception, the src/components/product-page/Item.js, which is part of the Product Page. We’ve created it in its own file, since the code is quite extensive, and it will be much easier to be understood this way.

They are made using various reactstrap components, and Bootstrap classes and also some custom scss/css classes. And once again, with the exception of the src/components/product-page/Item.js, where we also used choices.js.


You should note, that none of the bellow components are dynamic, as we do not know what your end use case will be. Feel free to change it, add your own props and dynamic code.