Top 10+ Most Popular Web Development Frameworks in 2021

web development frameworks

Frameworks are libraries of resources and tools that help developers code faster and easier. They offer a structured and compliant way to build a web application. This way, developers can focus on the unique features of their applications instead of creating basic functionalities from scratch. Depending on the programming language you are coding in, there […]

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15 JavaScript Courses: Learn Web Development, HTML, and CSS

The Complete Guide to Modern JavaScript

JavaScript (JS) is the programming language that makes web pages come to life. Anyone interested in building websites and web applications needs to master JS skills, and there are tons of resources out there for beginners to get started. Before we dive into the top 15 courses for JavaScript, let’s briefly introduce this powerful language. […]

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Why JavaScript is The Future and Where and How to Learn JavaScript

Is JavaScript the Future? Indeed, It Is! Future is uncertain and mysterious. However, these very qualities of the forthcoming motivate humans to try to predict it, may it be in the context of human existence or technology. Talking about technology, programming languages have become vital to it in the 21st-century. We’ve all sorts of programming […]

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Top 10 JavaScript Frameworks Developer Will Love

In the event of rapid app development, one looks for innovative and quick ways to develop applications. This, in turn, calls for the introduction of JavaScript frameworks. It is a framework that provides extra functionalities to plain HTML and JavaScript. jQuery along with JavaScript has been used for creating complex web interfaces. It requires a lot […]

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