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Paper Kit 2 PRO

Premium Bootstrap 4 UI Kit
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Release: 1 year ago
Update: 2 months ago

1000 Handcrafted Components

7 Customized Plugins

15 Example Pages

Bootstrap Based


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drikkesband 1 month ago

Hi there. Right now, I've experimented with the paper demo, and manually adapted some of the vue files to support typescript. That works, but takes a lot of work. So question: will this template consider typescript support in the near future?

drikkesband 1 month ago

oops, posted this under the wrong template. The typescript-question is for:

  • owner

Hello @drikkesband , thank you for using our products, I will ask you to ask the same question to the other template (the Vue version): All the best, Stefan
1 month ago

  • downloaded
1 month ago

Hi guys, I'll suggest that you update your Datetimepicker asset. The one you are using only supports Bootstrap 3 (I struggled a lot until I realized this and manually updated) You are using: Use this instead: :-)

  • owner

Hello @z8rasmus , thank you for using our products and for your recommendation; we will take this in consideration and in the next update we'll integrate it. Best, Stefan
1 month ago

  • downloaded
18 days ago

Hi, I'm trying to use the section in my profile "premium support", because I just bought it, but when I access it, the page says that I don't have a premium support.

  • owner

Hello @mcs1901 , thank you for using our products, I will ask you to send us the Order ID for the Premium Support via email (go to the Contact Us section). All the best, Stefan
17 days ago

  • downloaded
6 days ago

Hey, great UI kit! Will react be supported any time soon? Thanks.

  • owner

Hello @reptilijonas , thank you for your interest in working with our products, the React Version will be ready in a couple of months because we are working on other products for the moment. Thank you, Stefan
5 days ago

  • downloaded
1 day ago

Hello, Is there a way to load scripts/css faster?

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