Vue Social Button - Material


The MaterialSocialButton component provides different styles for creating a social media button.


Props Information

size'default','sm''md''lg'defaultChange the MaterialSocialButton size.
icon*StringUsed to set icon to the MaterialSocialButton component. It is a required prop.
iconOnlyboolfalseIf true the MaterialSocialButton will have same width andheight values, its useful when using only icon inside the MaterialSocialButton component.
socialBtn*'facebook''twitter''instagram''linkedin''pinterest''youtube''github''vimeo''slack''dribbble''reddit''tumblr'Used to set the background of MaterialSocialButton with the same icon brand color. It is a required prop.
roundedboolfalseIf true the MaterialSocialButton get a rounded or circular shape.
slotnodeThe MaterialSocialButton has a default slot that you can pass node or content inside it.

Icon Only