Vue Material Dashboard

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Vue Material Dashboard

Free Vuejs Admin Template
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Update: 26 days ago

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khareayank007 1 month ago

Hi , Can anyone please let me know exact difference between HTML packages and HTML Package with PSD +Sketch features.

  • owner

Hi, @khareayank007 ! Thank you for your interest in our products. In the HTML package, you will receive only the product itself, and the other package will not contain only the HTML product, you will receive also the PSD and Sketch of that product. Regards, Dragos
1 month ago

khareayank007 1 month ago

Thanks for reply Dragosct. Just wanted to know more about Licensing cost. License cost mentioned in portal are one time payment and we'll be getting support of 12 month or may be 6mon, excluding the extended premium support cost. Is that correct ?

  • owner

Hi! License it's a one-time payment, yes. Related to support please read here details Regards, Dragos
1 month ago

khareayank007 6 days ago

Hi Team ! further query on same context, we are looking to request one HTML Developer License that will be usable for development and same license can we use on Production servers as well right ? This is totally in house tool and team within Organization going to use it. Please confirm.

  • owner

Hi, @khareayank007 ! Thank you for using our products. Unfortunately, we are not doing client-based projects, we are very busy with the development of new products for We can offer you any of our UI products: and then recommend some friends who can help you with the development: Name: Humphrey Pietersen Email: [email protected] Name: Alex Plop Email: [email protected] Name: Diana Miron Email: [email protected] Hope that information helps you. Please let us know if we can help you with anything else. All the best, Dragos
5 days ago

victorlah 2 days ago

Does this dashboard work for Single Page Application? Thinking of using this for a web page I have build that uses Vue but I couldn't find any reference/example of how to being.

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