Statistics Card - Material


The Statistics Cards components helps you to simply create a beautiful card displaying data in an interesting way.

Mini Statistics Card

Music Volume


Props Information

directionReversebooleanfalseUsed to set the of the MiniStatisticsCard component to RTL.
title['String', 'Object']title as an obbject allows to set the title text and color.
value*'string', 'object', 'number'Used to set a value for the MiniStatisticsCard component. As an object receives two values:
  1. text of type [string, number] to set a value.
  2. color of type string to set the value color.
It is a required prop.
icon['String', 'Object']icon is used to set the icon. And icon as an object allows to set the icon component, icon background color and icon.
classContentStringclassContent is used to apply custom classes around the content of the MiniStatisticsCard.