Smart Ways to Communicate with Customers to Achieve Success

Communication is the heart of customer interaction. It can make or break your business. If customers are communicated effectively this may lead to an increase in sales. On the other hand, a single wrong word can decline your sales and affect your brand image. A frustrated customer generates negative word of mouth and influences hundreds of people with it. So the question arises how a business can communicate with the customer to achieve success.

There are several ways to help you in this regard. Here we are going to highlight a few of them:

Make Customer Service your First Preference:

Providing exceptional customer service is one of the main ways to communicate with a customer. So your business can’t afford to ignore it. A recent survey concluded that 78% of the customers not make an intended purchase because of poor customer service. Whether you are communicating over the phone, internet or social media, or in a retail outlet, make your representatives available 24/7 to listen to their queries. Address them politely and help them in solving the issues. For example, if you have an online custom cardboard packaging business, and a customer wants to customize a large number of product boxes wholesale, guiding him accurately should be your first preference. Speak to them as they are your valuable partners.

Accuracy of information is Key:

When we talk about communicating with the customer, accurate information is the key to success. Make your customers know various aspects of the product but never over-promise. This destroys customer expectation and makes them switch to other brands.  It’s the responsibility of the management to communicate similar information at all levels. The same information should be delivered to the customer. Let your product boxes speak all the facts. Design them with the brand’s name, logo, tagline and other relevant details about the product. All such tactics help you in communicating with the customers effectively. The following custom printed cardboard boxes for cereals are designed attractively containing all the information about the brand, its manufacturer, ingredients and nutritional facts, etc.

Understand Different Communication Channels:

Technology has unlocked new ways of communication, but traditional ones are still good to consider. Whatever channel you choose, you should have complete knowledge of its features and usage. Below is a list of different ways to communicate with the customers effectively:

Email (eDM)

It is a cost-effective, scalable and targeted option, but it’s important to get the right tone in the message and incorporate a clear “call to action”.

Direct mail (DM)

It’s more expensive than email, but at the same time it offers several advantages of deeper penetration than an email.


Communicating the customers by the mean of SMS saves your time. It is effective especially when a simple response is required.


In this digital world, having an online presence has become necessary to communicate with the customers. Whenever a customer opens your website via direct mail, banner ad or any promotional button, your system should maintain track of his activity. Even if the customer leaves your website without making a transaction, this information is beneficial for the future. Whenever your business launches any similar product, you can update the customer about it. For example, if a customer searches for food packaging from your website, and unable to find it. By monitoring his activities you can direct to your cardboard boxes page to see various available options.


Webinars are online seminars. They are a perfect way to add spice in your customer relationships. With the help of these web-based conferencing services, you can make your business reach a large audience.

Community Events or Trade Shows:

This communication channel works well if you carry your business in a physical location. Conducting a community event or participating in a trade show can help you to increase your customer base.

Be Active on Social Media:

Social media is the world’s most emerging communication platform. It has opened ways for businesses to directly communicate with the customers. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are the most popular names in this regard. Taking your business to social media increases its reach. Now you can connect with your customers anytime anywhere rather than waiting for their emails or calls for long. The company representatives can directly answer the customers’ queries by using these social networking sites. They allow you to engage the customers by posting interactive content. Upload the pictures of your products packed in attractive custom product boxes to fascinate the customers. if you become successful in making a single loyal customer, he may bring hundreds of potential customers through social media.