How to Choose the Best Enterprise Asset Management Software for Your Business

Asset selection, maintenance, verification, and updating play an essential role in determining the overall performance and profitability of a company or organization. Asset management rotates around making the best decisions in those areas, also promoting these means based on the KPI. Effective implementation and deployment of enterprise asset management programs are a vital part of achieving these objectives. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your EAM so you can make the most of your assets.


This is PA-55.


PAS-55 is the new open-source asset management standard that is rapidly invading the world. This is the best way to demonstrate that your organization follows best practices to ensure reliable performance and cost control. Ideally, the EAM should cover all phases of the asset’s life cycle, such as planning, design, maintenance, operation, retirement probability, etc. The PAS-55 guides are sharing information and maintaining knowledge throughout the organization.


Ensure partner visibility and supply chain


 Because maintenance is planned, if your partners have a clear idea of ​​these plans, they can inform them of upcoming work, schedule staff, and resources, and make sure they have the right tools and materials at hand.


Understand the importance of project management at the macro level.


EAM package capacity to support factory design is a crucial factor. Even in the vast majority of cases where the external development team is responsible for the development, the EAM platform used can affect its overall performance and impact. Asset managers using the right EAM tools not only prolong the life and performance of equipment and devices, but also record reliable and accurate information throughout the life cycle of the asset, thereby providing knowledge that influences design. Also, the EAM should include design data so that routine maintenance and operation is based on a clear understanding of asset design or specifications.


Consider the effects of an aging workforce.


Create an environment where people are willing to share what they know and help each other. Many asset-based companies do not have the tools to effectively close institutions and do not have the tools to reduce planned downtime. Asset managers who have access to and use the full EAM tools will have less workload and better performance.


Consider the importance of usability.


Therefore, when choosing EAM, it is essential to look for innovative ways of the user interface and portal to develop and deploy programs that will simplify the implementation of applications in the organization. It can also significantly improve decision-making, knowledge acquisition, and resource prioritization.


EAM integration with ERP.


It is essential to consider the degree of integration of EAM programs with existing systems. Creating a separate data warehouse from other organizations is rarely a smart strategy. Soft service improvements, on the other hand, are achieved when EAM integrates with the rest of the organization.


Corporate Asset Management will not only help you ensure the availability of assets but also provide the correct and timely implementation of the necessary services, as well as enable senior management to manage and protect their investments.

Enterprise Asset Management

The Benefits of Enterprise Asset Management Software


For any industry that relies on the functions of its assets, it is essential first and foremost to be in good standing. The term “industry” in this case is used together to mean a large enterprise, which can be anything from a manufacturing company to a hospital. Any device is expected to be flawlessly operated with every sunrise, and this requires little technical assistance. This help is called Enterprise Asset Management. Sometimes referred to as computerized asset management, enterprise asset management is a necessity when it comes to reducing the cost of ownership of assets. OptiAM is an enterprise asset management software which is created by Andromeda.


Developers are investing in the creation of enterprise asset management software for the simple reason that they are more efficient than manual management. Asset health monitoring is best done using the software, as any deviations that indicate deterioration in asset health are observed quickly and promptly. Keeping the equipment in good condition ensures reliability and safety-critical factors in any facility. EAM software is what you can call a wide range of applications. The nature of its development means that it can be used in different departments and institutions and even in different places. Between sites, this means turning the network into an online platform to bridge the gap created.


With a focus on asset management, one might think that the EAM program is limited to the above function. But the truth is that it is much more. CMMS-based expectations exceed asset management processes. But the service side is more desirable. Support functions include risk management, strategic planning, and job creation to increase the efficiency and productivity of your employees.


The nature of business is dynamic. In other words, this means that growth is expected, as companies embrace and occupy new space. CMMS is responsible for better business planning, better resource allocation, and better financial planning to ensure that original business costs are met most conveniently. Proper asset control is critical at this stage, as an increase in work orders will mean the need for more production, and this is likely to cause failure. Again, there is a maintenance management software that can help solve any problems so they can be addressed immediately.


The availability of EAM has already changed the costs of doing business well. Of course, the investment in getting CMMS from a supplier, especially for a large corporation or company, is really huge, but it’s worth it. Over time, this will save you the millions you can spend on equipment replacement because of a malfunction that nobody noticed.