10+ Best E-commerce Shopify Templates

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world. It is growing rapidly and although not the biggest in terms of market share, Shopify's gone through a record growth over the past years.

Are you aware of its popularity and you do not want to miss the trend? Then you should start right now with a Shopify theme.

If you are looking for a simple theme because you do not want to distract the traffic from product photography or you want to add the customizations by yourself (because you can customize so much yourself in the codebase), you should go with a free theme. On the other hand, if you are looking to spend less time coding and avoid bothering yourself with styling details implementation, you should consider the paid ones. The good part of paid themes is that you can take advantage of the support service. It can help you a lot with your theme's implementation and other modifications that might arise.

In this article, we've gathered a list of e-commerce Shopify themes to help you start with your Shopify project. So let's begin!

Notus Shopify

notus shopify theme

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We are introducing Notus Shopify, our newest eCommerce template that comes with a minimalist design and easy-to-use features for your or your client’s Shopify store. It comes with ready-to-use layouts for a clothing store, but it is perfectly customizable for different industries.

Price: from $99


dawn shopify template

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Dawn is an good-looking theme featuring a flexible design and customization options to achieve your desired vision. It also comes with a Media-forward product page to help your customers see what products look like and get a sense of how they feel.

Price: Free


flow shopify template

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Flow is a sharp and minimalist theme that quickly adapts to your project needs. It comes with three starter templates and is fully responsive. Users love Flow for its highly eye-catching design and great built-in features, like home page video, slide-out cart, promotional banner, and many more. It is also free.

Price: Free


simple shopify template

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If you are searching for a clean and minimal theme, Simple might be for you. It is perfect for showcasing products, but it also suits all sorts of online stores, general and niche. Features: image animations, product recommendations, and product image zoom. Get it for free and get starting!

Price: Free


venture shopify template

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Venture is the Shopify theme ideal for large catalogs. It comes with three starter templates, and it allows customers to filter products by type and sort by best sellers and price on the collection page. Free and fully responsive!

Price: Free

Crafter - Art and Furniture Shopify Theme

crafter shopify

A theme like crafters is hard to find. It is a powerpack of everything that your Shopify store needs. It has a modern and clean interface that is specifically designed for creating professional online art and décor stores. It's an excellent theme for improving your store's overall look and feel, which leads to a successful conversion.

Price: $79


gravity shopify template

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Has anyone said Dark mode? Meet Gravity, one of the best Shopify dark themes. It is fully responsive, easy to customize, and packed with different theme sections to fit all of your needs. This theme also comes with three different styles and many built-in features.

Price: $180

Flex Theme

flex shopify template

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Are you looking for a highly customizable theme for your store? Flex gives you ultimate control over the look and feel of your e-commerce website thanks to its multiple layouts and section options and the easy addition of custom CSS, plus 13 unique style variants to get you started.

Price: $450


active template shopify

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Active is a beautiful premium theme that comes packed with three starter templates and allows your products to have their own completely custom product page. It also includes advanced product filtering, which is deeply integrated into the theme for a smooth experience.

Price: $59


universe shopify template

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Universe is a multipurpose Shopify theme that has everything you need to launch a beautiful and responsive online store in minutes. It comes with a Mega Menu that enhances the user experience for all kinds of stores due to the excellent level of browsing convenience.

Price: $180


boundless shopify template

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Boundless is a minimalist and beautiful Shopify theme, perfect for fashion-oriented products and not only. It comes in two styles: Black and white (elegant, clean, sleek) and Vibrant (more playful, fresh). This theme's most important element is the photos, so make sure you have enough content for your products to give the same experience as the starter templates.

Price: Free


brooklyn shopify template

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Brooklyn is another free Shopify theme designed for modern apparel stores. It is the perfect starting point to create a nice-looking store that can be tweaked and upgraded with coding if you need to down the line. It's a simple but style theme.

Price: Free


thalia shopify template

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If you want a clean and minimalist look for your Shopify store, Thalia is what you’ve been searching for. Thalia is a free Shopify theme that’s perfect for fashion outlets, but is flexible enough to work well for a wide variety of use cases. Features include an optional responsive slideshow, advanced filters and swatches, and even a slide-out (Ajax) cart.

Price: Free


atlantic shopify template

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This clean and flexible theme will give your users a great experience. It is easy to customize and has great customer service. Atlantic is specially built for online stores with a large number of products and collections. Curious? Check it out!

Price: $180

Final thoughts

This is an exciting new era for themes in general and Shopify seems to be the trend right now.
Have you ever used Shopify themes for your projects? What is your feedback? Share your thoughts about this subject on our Twitter channel, here.

Happy coding! 💜