7 Errors to Avoid when Building a Landing Page

The landing page is the first thing that users see. It is the path that allows further contact between the site’s owner and the visitor. In the best case scenario, it will allow marketers to collect the potential customers’ personal data. The American agency MarketingSherpa asserts, that:

  • 64% of marketers regard the landing page as the most efficient tool for revealing the value their offer brings;
  • 68% of B2B sites use their landing page to collect the needed information for potential clients;
  • 48% of marketers design a new landing page to meet the needs of every specific client.

Site creators and marketers may like their work, but sometimes the landing page may fail at actually converting the users. Here are some gaffes, that can kill the client’s intention to commit the necessary action.

7 things that make the landing page inefficient

  1. Asking your target audience to write too much data. Users tend to close pages which require substantial amounts of time from their part. You should ask your visitors to type only the main information in your online form. And remember that, in order for someone to give even the minimum of information, the landing page should answer questions such as these:
  • What does this site offer?
  • What are the prices for this product?
  • Do I have enough time to make an order?
  1. Describing too many offers. According to the MarketingSherpa information, 48% of landing pages contain multipurpose offers. Users often get confused in the variety of suggestions. One landing page should display one proposal. It is better to go for short texts, that focus on one offer. Users do not read long copies, so you have only 5 seconds to grab their attention.
  2. Disregarding CTA. Explain to your users very clearly what you are expecting from them. Make sure that your CTA bottom provokes customers to click it. Check if it is clearly visible for your visitors. Do not place your CTA bottom at the end of the page.
  3. Missing headlines. MarketingSherpa emphasizes only 77% of marketers test the headlines of their landing pages. Heading is the first thing that clients see when they open your website, so it must be nice. Create tasty and dynamic headings that match the page content.
  4. Landing page takes a long time to load. As statistics shows, 40% of users close websites that are loading for more than 3 seconds. That means you can lose clients and money. To make your page load quickly delete all unnecessary content (uninformative graphics and text).
  5. Lack of authority. 68% percent of customers rely on sites which have good testimonials in their landing page. It makes sense to add fair testimonials to your landing page. Do not exaggerate the company’s achievements. You just need to have some positive and attractive statements, that use simple words. Use real people’s thoughts about using your product. Add a short «dossier» about every person, who left a testimonial: the client’s name, occupation, and location.
  6. Betting on video. An average of 10% of users close the video if it has no description. Having a video on the landing page should be supported by the short text. Some people prefer reading and some like watching the video. This approach is called «to please everyone». You also need to analyze your target audience for creating the most appropriate video for your target group.

Making even one of these mistakes can decrease conversion on your landing page. Sites that have a bad landing page can’t be rescued by anything. Even paid promotion, guest posting services or mobile friendly version can prove ineffective. So eliminate errors, create an efficient landing page and your website will obtain a higher conversion rate.