Creative Tim X Beyond Enterprizes - Custom Development Services for Web 3.0

We are very excited to announce that Creative Tim has partnered with Beyond Enterprizes to help startups and projects tackle the most demanding blockchain projects.

About Creative Tim's Web 3.0 Journey

Creative Tim is a company with 8+ years of experience in Web 2.0 that creates, licenses, and distributes high-quality UI tools like design systems, admin dashboards, and mobile app templates for developers & designers. With over 2 million users globally, starting this year, we've decided to make the first steps into the Web 3.0 scene.

If the third web stage was seen only as a paradigm couple of years ago, now it is creeping into the mainstream, thanks to technologies such as NFTs and crypto. Being aware of the tech industry movements, we've decided that we can shift our Web 2.0 experience into the new Web 3.0 movement.

Our first Web 3.0 project was a complete success. NF-Tim by Creative Tim is the NFTs collection for Developers, Designers, Creators, and NFT fans based on Elrond. Our NFTs give access to hundreds of premium products for developers and UI/UX designers. Also, our holders have access to our tools developed on top of Elrond blockchain: NF-Tim dApp, Elrond - My NFTs Collection dApp, and Elrond Elements.

About Beyond Enterprizes

Beyond Enterprizes is a company founded in 2012 as a pioneering strategic advisory firm. Since then, it has built exchanges on four continents and partnered with more than 50 blockchain projects, including EOS, Bancor, EQIFi, GBX and the HDAC, with specific focus on Insurtech, Fintech, and DeFi.

The company offers custom-tailored services to integrate blockchain technology into your existing business or project and will help you take your business to the next stage. Beyond’s team of experts comprises a diverse blend of backgrounds from serial entrepreneurs, economists, developers, and marketers, to Google, Apple, and White Oak Capital veterans.

Our Partnership Result

When we decided to enter Web 3.0, our goal was to help our community of developers and designers switch to the new web more easily. Beyond Enterprizes' goal is to help businesses integrate blockchain technology. The moment we realized our goals were aligned, we decided that we could do more by joining forces.

Are you looking for help to build your blockchain project?
Our official Blockchain Custom Services are ready to get this going. Pick now the best development option for you and our dedicated team of experienced blockchain developers will help you build your dream product and help you enter the blockchain world.

Or you just want your code audited?
We can deliver Advanced Formal Verification for your code! Our thorough auditing methodology and processes are adapted to your code and business logic, with focus on providing you top services.

With our experience combined, we can deliver small to large development projects using a diverse range of technologies:

  • Elrond;
  • Ethereum;
  • BNB Chain;
  • Solana;
  • Avalanche;
  • more.

Whether you have a startup or a scale-up, we can help you get to the next step in your blockchain journey.

For more information, visit our Official Web Page.

Why did Creative Tim choose Beyond Enterprizes?

“We have a long collaboration history with some of the people from Beyond Enterprizes’ team. In 2017 we had our initial discussions about new ideas and we wanted to join forces in order to deliver products for developers, designers, and startups. Fast forward to 2022, they got a huge experience in Web 3.0 dApps development and, while we were exploring this space, they came as the most suitable solution for our future releases.

The Web 3.0 space is growing really fast and there is a huge demand for developers and companies who can build dApps. With the UI tools that we will deliver together and the services our partners can bring on top of that, I’m sure we will help more and more entities join this new space.” (Alexandru Paduraru - CEO at Creative Tim ).

Why did Beyond Enterprizes choose Creative Tim?

“We have been keeping up with each other’s developments for almost half a decade and we have the same vision for this space: providing useful tools and high-quality development services for both startups and corporates. Beyond has been focusing on emerging projects and companies integrating Web 3.0, but now, together with Creative Tim, we can provide development services for a much broader range of companies, tapping into the great community Creative Tim has built.

Beyond Enteprizes has been immersed in the blockchain space and we are happy to see it expanding and being far more achievable for developers and users to integrate their products with different elements of web 3.00. We are very excited to partner up with Creative Tim and share our expertise.” (Ioana Frincu - Senior Advisor at Beyond Enterprizes)

More news on our collaboration coming soon!
Stay tuned! 🚀

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Alexandra Murtaza

Alexandra Murtaza