The Ultimate UI/UX Design Course by Creative Tim is Out!

We are super excited to announce the launch of our UI/UI Design Course! šŸš€

During the past few months, we have been working really hard to create a course for web developers and designers that will help them getting into the fundamentals of UI/UX Design. This week we've launched it and it is ready to help you improve your UI/UX skills.

What you will learn

šŸŽ“ The Ultimate UI/UX Design Course is a 4h+ video course that teaches you to create Web Pages & Mobile Apps by learning the best practices on designing and using all the UI/UX components - from navbars, headers, tables, footers, to About US Pages, and more. The course comes with fully coded examples so that you can take our best practices to the coding level.

the ultimate ui ux course features

Why join our course

If you are a web developer who wants to learn more about the visual aspect of the coded elements, or you just want to build your UI/UX fundamentals for working better with your UI/UX - specialized team, this course is for you!

Also, if you are new to the web design niche and you are looking for a UI/UX learning path, join our course now.

Fully Coded Examples Included

We've prepared 15+ examples that present exactly how you can implement the UI/UX design best practices directly into the code.

You will learn how to create gradients and add them to your code, how to place buttons, how to create realistic shadows, and many more.

Course Certification Included

ui ux design course certificate

We believe that with a certification in hand, you can surely get an edge over other job candidates. This is why The Ultimate UI/UX Design Course by Creative Tim comes with a certification that offers a physical confirmation of your new/improved UI/UX skills.

Final Thoughts

Curious about The Ultimate UI/UX Design Course? We've prepared a special launch offer available this month - 70% OFF discounted price.

ui ux design course offer

We are constantly thinking about making our products intuitive, beautiful, and extremely easy to understand, so please tell us your thoughts about our course, here, on our Twitter post.

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