Make Your Website Great With These Web Tools & Services

This article will help you make your website great again, by showing you 45+ different web tools and services. Each solution is reviewed on short so you can understand what is all about.

You can hire developers or you can use these solutions:

Take a look.

  1. BrandCrowd – Online Logo Maker

Online logo makers represent the future of logo creation and BrandCrowd is leading the industry with a level of quality and features that you won’t find anywhere else.

BrandCrowd has the world’s largest DIY logo library with over 50,000 gorgeous designs, and it uses icons that were handcraft by a talented community of designers.

Here you won’t find stock icons or free icon libraries.

Write your business name or select the industry you are in to start to use BrandCrowd, and you will be amazed right away by the high-quality logos.

The platform will show you thousands of logo designs to choose from.

When you find the one that you want, click edit and customize it with everything you want:

  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Text
  • Layout
  • Background
  • Complex edits are possible – For that you will hire a BrandCrowd in-house designer.

The interface is very simple to use and intuitive, being the best in the industry. These are not big empty words, give it a try and see with your own eyes.

You should not pay for a logo before using BrandCrowd, you will feel sorry.

Just take a look at what cool logos BrandCrowd has prepared for you.


  1. pCloud – The Most Secure Cloud Storage

pCloud is a brilliant, secure, and highly-advanced cloud storage software, capable of things that no other solution is.

First, you need to know that it makes automatic backups simple, and it lets you choose any local folder to be backed up. Other solution lets you choose only from a few preselected folders which is not useful.

In plus, all the files you backup or store on pCloud, can be accessed from any other device of yours – mobile (iOS and Android), computers (Windows, Mac, and Linux), and the web.

All the interfaces are intuitive, simple to use, lightning-fast, and maybe the most important, extremely high secured.

Your files will never be lost or viewed by persons you don’t want.

As for file sharing, you can share your files very easy, giving the user rich features such as download password, expiration date, and upload/download access.

Regarding their plans, they have a unique view.

Their free plan offers you up to 10 GB of cloud storage – a lifetime offer.

And the premium plans have one-time payments. Forget about monthly costs, hidden fees, and upsells.

Pay once and forget about costs for your cloud storage needs.


  1. Total Theme

Total is a premium WordPress theme that is using the latest technologies and features so you can easily make a stunning website, even if you don’t have any experience or coding skills.

With Total, any newbie will make a stunning website.

The theme has a stunning library of 40+ premade website designs and it is bundled with a professional page builder that will help you big time, even if you decide to create pages from scratch.

The website you will create will load fast, will be optimized for SEO, for high-volumes of traffic, and conversions.

Use Total to supercharge your existing WordPress website.


  1. 99 Robots

99 Robots is a premium all-in-one agency that will help you with a professional website and then they will do their magic to get you traffic and sales.

Basically, they can do pretty much everything your business needs so it can grow:

  • Amazon Ads Management
  • Facebook Ads Management
  • Google PPC Ads Management
  • WordPress Development
  • Web Design

The agency is highly popular in the market for its amazing web design and development services, but also for generating top results through advertising.

You will love working with these guys, they are experts but in the same time they are friendly and easy to work with.

Let them know your project details.


  1. Mobirise Website Builder

Mobirise is a powerful offline website builder that you can use with 0 experience and 0 skills to create all kind of websites – blogs, shops, personal, business, portfolio, etc.

Use one of the included 4,000+ gorgeous website templates to start.


  1. Argento Theme

You want to make your Magento store stand out of the crowd, convert with ease, load fast, and have cool functionalities?

Then you should get Argento, it is the most powerful Magento 2 theme.

It includes 7 unique and gorgeous designs to choose from and 20 Magento 2 modules that will add all kind of features to your store.

Take a look.


  1. Taskade — Collaborative To-do List for Remote Teams + Mindmap view


You want a powerful real-time collaboration software for project management? With mindmap view included?

Taskade is the right solution, being a unified workspace for remote teams from all over the world. Each workspace can be fully customized, and you can create as many workspaces as you wish, there are 0 limitation.

Use Taskade on all devices, it is simple, quick, and efficient.


  1. Codester

Codester is used by both professional and beginner web designers, developers, marketers, and agencies, being a super marketplace filled with tens of thousands of PHP scripts, codes, app templates, website themes, and much more.

Always check the Flash Sale section, where you will find heavily discounted products.
Take a look.


  1. has some of the best templates, photos, textures, vectors, fonts, and 3d letters in the world.

The website manually picks the very best quality products and add them on their website.

Take a look, you will be amazed how cool these products are.


  1. Goodie

Goodie is used by top web designers that need a reliable web development partner for their projects. The service is guaranteed by the famous Xfive, a company with over 10 years experience in the web development world.

Get your free quote now.


  1. Ampfluence

Ampfluence is a top-performance agency that will help you grow your social media channels. They are popular for providing outstanding results for each cent you invest.

The team uses smart strategies (no bots, fake accounts and other weirdos) and their huge experience to grow your accounts.

Let them help you and get all the benefits that social media is capable of.


  1. Email marketing

Mailmunch is the one-stop lead generation and marketing platform that allows you to grow your business with lead capture, landing pages and email automation tools to reach your audience with a personalized experience.

This end-to-end platform is easy and quick to set up and includes everything you need:

–      An intuitive drag and drop builder for forms, landing pages and email templates

–      Thousands of royalty-free photos that you can easily add to your emails

–      Highly customizable and pixel-perfect pre-built templates

–      And much more!



  1. Unlayer

Unlayer is known to be one of the most robust and refined email marketing tools. With easy to use drag and drop features, it provides easy access to design visually appealing emails. You can go through their templates library or start building your email design from scratch in just a few clicks.


  1. Ramotion

Ramotion is a highly-respectable digital design agency that will help you with branding, UI/UX design, app development, and web design.

They focus on SMB and growing startups as their main customers.

Reach out for a free consultation.


  1. Miquido: Custom Software Development Company

Do you want real experts to build a secure, functional and future-oriented digital product that will take your business to the next level?

Miquido will be the perfect choice for you!

Their development and design teams have years of experience in delivering digital solutions for clients from various industries: fintech, entertainment, healthcare, eCommerce and others.
Get your free quote.



  1. Web Design Kansas City


This resource page is doing just 1 thing, but it does it perfectly.

It shows you the very best 10 web designers and web developers in Kansas City so you can pick the right one for your project.
You will find out all the details that matters, check the page, and contact the person you like most.


  1. Complete SEO

To heavily boost your organic search traffic, you need to know to a very experienced SEO agency. This is the best and fastest way.

Complete SEO is an agency that can really help you with that.

They have huge experience in providing measurable and excellent results to their customers, being highly respected in the industry for this.

Get a free consultation and website analysis.


  1. DWS

DWS is a top agency that helps SMEs and large enterprises with:

  • Smart SEO strategies
  • Blogger outreach
  • Animation
  • Website development
  • And other things

They always go the extra mile for their customers and deliver on time, never delaying projects.

Get a free quote.


  1. Heroic Inbox

Heroic Inbox is a cool WordPress plugin that will help you manage customer support email directly from your inbox.

Save time and money by using this highly efficient and smart plugin.


  1. Web Design Auckland – full service web design company 

Web Design Auckland is among the few premium web design agencies that is really capable of delivering outstanding high-quality work consistently, no matter which service you need:

  • Custom Website Design
  • Unique Branding
  • Stunning Photography
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing

Reach out for a free consultation.


  1. FoxMetrics

FoxMetrics is a professional analytics platform that help business collect, enrich, transform, visualize and explore customer journey data.

The platform is very quick and simple to use.

Ask for a free demo and see how it works.


  1. Landingi

Landingi is a brilliant landing page builder that you can use with no experience and no skils, to quickly create high-converting designs.

Start from scratch or pick one of the included 300+ gorgeous landing page templates. Both ways are simple.

Give it a try.


  1. Astra – The Best WooCommerce Theme


Astra is the best WooCommerce theme on the market, being responsive, pixel-perfect, and fully loaded with cool functionalities.

Take a look.


  1. SEO Services


seo company dublin

Aspire Media is a popular agency that created some of the best websites in the world.

So, if you want a super website, get in touch with them. After the website is ready, they can even help you with a smart SEO strategy so your website will start getting important traffic from search engines.

Get your free quote.


  1. Wiremo

Wiremo makes being an entrepreneur much more seamless and enjoyable with automation that saves time. Using our shopify app, instead of staying chained to your phone or laptop all day in order to reply to reviews, everything will be handled for you automatically while still keeping a personal touch! Getting Shopify product reviews on autopilot with reminders and automating conversations when people leave bad reviews is one of the many great features we offer at Wiremo.

Use Wiremo’s AI powered solutions so you can benefit from greater efficiency.


  1. Modalova

Modalova is the best website for online shopping.

They have over 2 million products and new ones are added each day.
Take a look.


  1. HoneyApps

Are you using upsells, product upgrades and complementary products? These will heavily increase your sales, and you can do it for free with HoneyApps.

HoneyApps has everything you need to be included and it is very simple to use, you just need to decide that you want it.

In plus, it is absolutely free.


  1. InvoiceBerry


InvoiceBerry is a simple-to-use invoicing software that you can use with ease to create and send fully customized invoices, track expenses, manage customers, and much more.

Try InvoiceBerry free for 14 days, only pay if you love it.


  1. Pixpa

Use Pixpa builder to create any kind of website you need – personal, blog, shop, portfolio, business, etc.

It is easy to use and quick.

Get started free.


  1. Antideo


The best way to stop spam coming through your website’s contact forms is to use the Antideo API to validate the lead’s information in real time. The API helps you validate several parameters around the lead’s email address and their IP to help determine the legitimacy of the inquiry.


  1. Cyber Chief Automated Penetration Testing Tool For Web Apps

Cyber Chief is an AI-driven vulnerability scanning tool. It’s used by smart software teams around the world to help them ship their websites and web applications with zero known security vulnerabilities.


It makes automated penetration testing for web apps easier & faster for software teams by helping you continuously test, manage & fix vulnerabilities in one tool. You spend less time on security, so you can spend more time coding.


Get your free trial of this vulnerability scanning tool that gets 5-star reviews.


  1. React Templates

WrapPixel has some very cool react templates for you.

All of them look stunning, are quick, SEO friendly, and are simple to customize.

Take a look.


  1. Soft UI Dashboard

Creative Tim is among the few premium developers of UI Kits, dashboards, and other cool stuff. They always innovate and find cool solutions to hard problems.

A great free Admin Template of Creative Tim is Soft UI Dashboard.

This complex, highly-premium, yet absolutely free to use admin template is full of elements, designed blocks, and fully coded pages.
Get Soft UI Dashboard for free, it is stunning.


  1. RumbleTalk

RumbleTalk is a highly popular platform that companies of all sizes use to add all kinds of chat solutions on their websites.

The platform is feature-rich and very simple to use.

Take a look.


  1. Hire Jordan Smith

Hire Jordan Smith is a highly popular agency that will help you with:

  • Reliable web design
  • Custom web development
  • Smart SEO strategies that provide measurable results

Get in touch with Hire Jordan Smith for a free quote.


  1. Denver Web Design Services

Recognized as a top web design austin agency, UPQODE delivers high-quality, customer centric web designs that are proven to succeed.  Their proven design process guarantees success for their clients across all aspects of digital. Whether for a large enterprise or a small business, UPQODE is dedicated to finding the best web solutions for every client. Their goal is to create strategic and stunning websites that make for a great user experience.


  1. Flowbite


Flowbite is a set of premium UI components and pages built in the popular Figma design software. All of them are optimized for integration with Tailwind CSS utility classes.

Find out more about them.


  1. Acowebs


If you’re looking for further ways to improve conversions from your WooCommerce store, Acowebs plugins might be the best choice for you. There are a bunch of

WooCommerce plugins to enhance your sales such as WooCommerce Wishlist plugin, which helps the users in adding and managing a wishlist. There is also a free version of it, WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin, which is used by many WooCommerce stores.


  1. XSTORE – The Most Customizable WooCommerce Theme

XSTORE is the most customizable WooCommerce on the market, being loaded with 100+ shop designs that look amazing and tons of elements.

Check it.


  1. Freelance Logo Design

If you have at least $50 to spend for a handcrafted logo design, Freelance Logo Design will be right the platform to use.

In maximum 24 hours, you will get 10 logo designs to choose from.

Get your stunning logo.


  1. Lunacy Vector Graphic Software

Lunacy is a FREE vector graphic editor with real-time collaboration. Along with all the features available in similar apps, Lunacy comes with built-in graphics (icons, photos, illustrations) and AI-based tools like Background Remover and Smart Upscaler. It is faster than Figma and smarter than Sketch. It works both with cloud and local documents (.sketch). Lunacy is a next-gen tool for UI, UX, and web designers.


  1. Qwery – Multi-Purpose Business WordPress Theme

Building sites code-free is fun and fast. If you are looking for such an experience, the Qwery WordPress should come in handy. It’s based on the Elementor page builder, which lets you adjust every part of your site according to your specific needs. It also lets you create header and footer layouts as freely as regular pages, and place them wherever you need. 70+ custom elements are included to help you create versatile layouts for your site. Besides, the theme features a collection of 30+ demo skins. 2 booking plugins and the Event Calendar are bundled in the theme’s download package.


  1. Helion | Personal Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

You do not need to be an expert web designer or developer to build a professional portfolio website. Using the Helion WordPress theme, you can get started with a professional and multi-functional online or offline portfolio in a matter of days. The theme includes everything needed for this purpose. Helion is a multi-purpose theme. It contains a selection of demo skins for 11 topics, along with a set of predesigned inner pages, layout styles, and modules. The theme lets you integrate your website with WooCommerce to start selling online. It also supports plenty of other handy features like the color scheme editor that lets you update your portfolio with a branded color scheme. It’s easy to modify the theme even if you have little to no coding skills due to the integration with the Elementor page builder.


  1. Hoverex | Cryptocurrency & ICO WordPress Theme

Hoverex WordPress theme comes loaded with special crypto plugins made for ICO and business bureau.  It’s a multi-functional starting point for your corporate cryptocurrency project. Using this theme, you can start selling coins and accepting donations straight out-of-the-box. There are lots of handy plugins features in the theme.  It uses LearnPress and WPBakery. Advanced Crypto charts, tables & diagrams are pre-loaded in the theme’s pack. It lets you beautifully made timeline of your cryptocurrency and ICO project using a roadmap. It also includes a set of pages that were created for blockchain specialists.


  1. Kicker – Multipurpose Blog Magazine WordPress Theme


 Launching a blog or news magazine shouldn’t take a lot of time. With the right choice of a ready-made theme, you can launch a usable and engaging web resource in a matter of weeks. Kicker WordPress theme is a great example of such multi-functional designs that feature everything needed for building a reputable and engaging web resource. The theme is optimized for a speedy performance on all devices. Bringing a versatile visual style to your site and a unique structure to your site’s layout is easy with the help of Elementor. Besides, you may also pick any of the ready-made demos skins, post layout styles, colors, fonts, sidebars, navigation menus, and other theme options.


  1. WhatFontIs


WhatFontIs is the best font identifier in the market.


  • It is the single font identifier that can identify both free and paid fonts.
  • It has a huge database of 790k+ fonts.
  • It identifies fonts from both images and the web.
  • It is absolutely free to use.
  • It is efficient and it provides 60+ free and paid alternatives for each identified font.

Give it a try.


  1. Grungica Display Font


The font gives some real and authentic grunge and hand-drawn look for catchy phrases, typography, headings, bold quotes titles and more. The font comes in TTF and OTF format and also includes SVG file.


  1. actiTIME

Two of the most common problems that students and teachers have are excessive stress and work-life imbalance due to heavy workloads and high performance demands.

Of course, hard work always pays off, but you don’t have to exhaust yourself to see remarkable results either in academic or professional life. To attain desired objectives and goals more quickly, all you need to do is to plan and organize tasks, track performance and evaluate results. Luckily, some digital tools may help you with that, and actiTIME is one of the best of them.

This time tracking app has the three core features that a teacher or a student may wish for to arrange their work and study processes in an optimal way:

  • Scope management for creating projects and tasks;
  • The Kanban board for real-time progress monitoring;
  • Time tracking for keeping a detailed record of hours spent on tasks and assignments;
  • Comprehensive performance reports for a thorough review and analysis of time use trends.

Overall, actiTIME allows users to track progress and assess either personal or team productivity. In this way, it promotes deeper insight into how efficiently you manage time and allows for more educated decision making in terms of productivity and work-life balance improvement.

actiTIME is also highly affordable. If you’re a single user or a small team of two or three, you can enjoy many of the benefits that the tool offers forever at no charge. Sign up for a free actiTIME trial and bring your productivity to the next level.

Abstract Forex Rates API

If you need a reliable and high-performance IP geolocation API key, you can get it right now for free from Abstract. Get your free API key.


If these solutions are great but you need something different, outsourcing can be the answer. Many of the best companies in the world use it.

Why don’t you use it too?