10+ Hot Summer Deals for Web Developers and Web Designers

Summer is the time for vacations and fun, but it is also the time for amazing deals and huge discounts. Of course, we know traveling is your priority during the hot season, but keep in mind that many brands are bringing forth great deals for their customers.
If you're interested in such offers, you should set some savings aside and purchase resources for future projects and work. To help you in your quest for web development and web design summer deals, we've put together a list of the hottest offers from well-known brands in the niche. Read on to discover our picks!

Creative Tim – UI Kits and Dashboards – up to 90% OFF

creative tim deals

Celebrate Summer and start the season with Creative Tim's fresh offer! Take advantage of 66 Front-end & Back-end Premium Products and save up to 90% OFF. The 8 Special Stacks are:

  • The Summer Full Stack - 66 Premium Products
  • React Full Stack - 17 Premium Products
  • Vue Full Stack - 15 Premium Products
  • Angular Stack- 10 Premium Products
  • Laravel Full Stack - 16 Premium Products
  • Bootstrap Stack- 19 Premium Products
  • React Native and Flutter Stack - 6 Premium Products
  • Figma Collection - 5 Premium Products

All the summer stacks come with four types of licenses available: Freelancer, Startup, Company, and Enterprise.

Discount: up to 90% OFF
Coupon Code: not needed

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Themesberg – Bootstrap UI Kits and Dashboards – 90% OFF

themesberg deals

Our partners from Themesberg have started their Summer Sale with 90% off! You can get a bundle of 7 Premium Themes Powered by Bootstrap CSS starting from only $79. You get access to the following themes:

  • Pixel Pro - Premium Bootstrap 5 UI KIT
  • Volt Pro - Premium Bootstrap 5 Dashboard
  • Neumorphism UI PRO Bootstrap
  • Rocket - SaaS Bootstrap Template
  • Spaces - Listing Bootstrap Template
  • Leaf - Nonprofit Environmental Bootstrap 4 Template
  • Leo - Agency Bootstrap 4 Template

Only a limited number of 150 orders will be available, with discounts going from 84% up to 96% for all license types. Don't miss out on their special offer!

Discount: 90% OFF
Coupon Code: not needed

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AppSeed – UI Kits and Dashboards – 60% OFF

apseed deals

AppSeed's deals for this Summer include 3 Django bundles and 3 Flask bundles with prices ranging from $129 to $199. These special bundles include free updates for six months and 24/7 live Support via Discord.

Discount: 60% OFF
Coupon Code: not needed

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Coded Themes – Admin Templates – 60% OFF

web designer deals

CodedThemes brings Bootstrap 4 Mega Bundle Admin Templates, a collection of 5+ Premium Admin Templates with prices ranging from $99 to $199 depending on the license type (Single Use, Multiple Use, or Extended Use). If you purchase the Admin Templates Mega Bundle at this special discounted price, you get a 140 PSD Templates Bundle for free!

Discount: 60% OFF
Coupon Code: not needed

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Bootstrapdash – UI Kits and Dashboards – up to 85% OFF

web developer deals

This Summer, Bootstrapdash's offer consists of a bundle of 50+ premium templates with 100+ dashboard layouts, UI kits, and more, at an 85% discount. The dashboards in this Bundle are specialized for marketing, e-commerce, analytics, and others. Bootstrapdash's Bundle is available with two different plans: Developer plan: includes multiple users and extended support; Extended plan: recommended for large-scale uses and extended redistribution rights.

Discount: 85% OFF
Coupon Code: not needed

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Wrappixel – UI Kits and Dashboards – up to 95% OFF

dashboards deals

Wrappixel comes with this Bundle of Premium Bootstrap, Angular, React, and Vuejs, containing many dashboard templates and a UI Kit. The Bundle comes with four types of licenses available: Single Use, Multiple Use, Extended Use, and Multi Extended Use and includes the following templates:

  • 10 Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates
  • 8 Angular Admin Dashboard Templates
  • 4 React Admin Dashboard Templates
  • 2 Vuejs Admin Dashboard Templates
  • WrapKit Complete UI Kit

Discount: 95% OFF
Coupon Code: not needed

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Instamobile – React Native Templates – up to 90% OFF

designers deal

Instamobile's deal for the Summer is a React Native Mega Bundle that allows you to save $7,000 and gain access to ALL their React Native templates. The Bundle includes 18 fully functional mobile app codebases, ready to be published to the Google Play Store and App Store. The deal includes free updates for one year and one developer license for each mobile app.

Discount: 90% OFF
Coupon Code: not needed

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Themewagon – HTML Templates – up to 80% OFF

web design sale

At Themewagon, you can take advantage of one Bundle of 16 HTML5 templates with an 80% discount. The Bundle comes with two types of licenses available: Single License and Unlimited License. Both license types include:

  • Royalty-free use
  • 12 months priority support
  • Use in client project
  • 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee

Discount: 80% OFF
Coupon Code: not needed

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Themefisher - HTML and Hugo Templates - 85% OFF

themefisher deals

Themefisher has got 2 Bundle Offers for the Summer, with up to 85% off: The Bootstrap & HTML5 Bundle includes 36+ Bootstrap templates for only $49. That rounds it up to around $2 per template. If you purchase the templates individually, you can pay up to $20 per theme. The Hugo Mega bundle includes 10+ Hugo themes for only $99. If you purchase the templates individually, each theme will cost $49.

Discount: 85% OFF
Coupon Code: not needed

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Designmodo – Website and Email Design Tools – 30% OFF

summer deals

This Summer, you can save 30% on your next purchase on Designmodo. Try the full functionality of their apps at a discounted price. Just use the coupon code SUMMER50 during checkout.

Discount: 30% OFF
Coupon Code: SUMMER30

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Epic React - Code-along Interactive Workshops - 25% OFF

summer sale for designers

Epic React's Summer deal allows you to save 25% on a series of React code-along interactive workshops. The Epic React learning resources are suitable for complete beginners since they start with React basics and take you to well-tested application architecture. This is hands-on practice coding in a real development environment. The course was created by Ken C. Dodds and includes the following:

  • 19 hours of concise in-depth video training
  • Interactive self-paced workshop exercises
  • 10 full hours of insightful video conversations with React experts

Discount: 25% OFF
Availability: July 13, 2021
Coupon Code: not needed

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CoreUI - Admin Templates and UI Components - 70% OFF

templates sale

CoreUI is offering a 70% discount on the Team Bundle License for its Leading Admin Dashboard Template and UI Component Suite. The Suite includes 9 Admin Templates, 6 UI Component Libraries, and Design Files. This special price license includes:

  • Unlimited project use for 1 developer
  • Human Tech Standard Support for 6 months
  • Free access to updates for 12 months

Discount: 70% OFF
Coupon Code: not needed

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Final Thoughts

We are sure you're going to be tempted to take advantage of at least one of these fantastic Summer deals for web developers and web designers. We know we are. If you still have financial resources after planning your summer vacations, you should definitely invest in one of these offers!