How Minimalist UI Design Has Potential to Influence the Startup Growth

The design is the first point of interaction for a user. It is therefore necessary to make the design as intelligent as possible. The design has been more of a trend, undergoing changes with time. The present trend is minimalism and this trend is expected to continue for possibly the longest period ever. This is because minimalism is both functional and intelligent in the digital milieu where it is necessary to offer solutions without the need for distracting visuals and elements. The present design trends make it necessary for minimalism to be at the core of the concept.

Here is an overview of how minimalistic designs has a greater impact on your customer engagement with your startups’ products and services, which eventually is going to be the key to success.

#1. The need to make the solution lucid and clearly understood

The whole purpose of a design is to make the solution easily understood by a visitor. A visitor to a website or a first time/repeat user of an application needs to clearly understand what the interface is all about. The minimalistic interface helps the user to leverage the functionalities of the product and services you offer. It is therefore necessary to make the interface as unambiguous and crystal clear as possible. This will help the business to engage the users and offer the solutions in a simple yet powerful manner.

#2. Consistency in design

A simplistic and minimalistic design is easy in terms of maintaining consistency. A design element may need to be refreshed periodically. Maintaining the same theme may not remain attractive over a very long period. It may be necessary to change the themes or the layout to facilitate the inclusion of a new offering or to remove some. With complex themes, it would be challenging to maintain the consistency in the design, whereas, in the case of a minimalistic design, it is possible to maintain uniformity without the need for a complete overhaul of the interface.

#3. Designs need to highlight the functionalities

In a creative interface, the objective is to permit the user to use the functionalities or features of your products. The design plays the role of highlighting the features and is supportive in nature. With a minimalistic design, it is possible to ensure that the functionalities are highlighted. A complex and intricate design is most likely to be distracting, with clutter taking away the focus. The primary objective of a web design/interface/application is to permit the user to use the functionality and stay engaged.

#4. Aesthetics are an important dimension in design

There is a difference between aesthetics or elegance and heavily loaded designs. A minimalistic design offers opportunities for aesthetics and elegance, whereas a complex or heavily loaded design does not have present itself as elegant. Aesthetics is necessary for a pleasing appearance. This will support the other required criteria in designs –highlighting the functionalities.  Minimalism permits mobile app development and designing team to lend the touch of elegance to the application, making it more desirable among visitors and users.

#5. Clear Calls to Action

The Call to Action needs to be clear and contrasting, which will help the user to swiftly take the session to the most desirable waypoint of the interaction – conversion to a client/user. The CTA is effectively the click that triggers the actual conversion process. Hiding it amidst other confusing and intricate designs may result in the user/visitor skipping the CTA completely. A good aesthetic design makes it possible for designers to conceive a layout that will allow the user to sharply distinguish and locate the CTA. This will take the user to the step that formally cements the relationship.

#6. Seamless navigation

Navigation needs to be seamless and intuitive. This is the hallmark of a good design. A brilliant design in a website is one that takes the user through the site and various functionalities in a manner that is both seamless and intuitive. Minimalism offers the perfect platform for a design to be seamless and intuitive. A very complicated and complex design will make it difficult for seamless navigation. Simple yet effective designs offer designers the opportunity to chalk out an effective strategy for creating intuitive designs.

#Final thoughts:

Digitally born startups need to compete against well-entrenched entities who have the benefit of better budgets. The experience, the resources at the disposal of big business organizations give the entities an advantage over startups. However, startups have a clear edge over bigger businesses in terms of flexibility and the ability to quickly innovate and leverage the very latest technology as migration to new technology or system may prove to be very expensive even for organizations with deep pockets. The differentiator in business will then quickly move to the ability to engage visitors and users on site by showcasing the functionalities quickly.

Users who get to quickly see the benefits of an application or a product are more likely to use the same. Minimalistic designs enhance the appeal of a product/application/website, helping startups to quickly engage users and convert visitors.

Dhaval Sarvaiya

Dhaval Sarvaiya

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