The 9 Best Practices to Promote a Business on Social Media

Today’s busy market requires that every marketer promotes their business using the latest trends and techniques. The power of social media is indisputable and growing within the minute, which means that if you want to grow your brand, you have to learn how to promote it by using this tool. With all this in mind, marketers need to plan and work constantly on their online presence.

At this point, 90% of all small businesses use social media for brand awareness and sales. They spend hours analyzing the best way to introduce their products and services, all with the goal to reach the target audience and turn them into regular customers. However, this is not an easy thing to do. Determining the best way to promote your business on social media is a complex task that requires several key steps.

If you want to learn the best ways to promote your business on the social media, take a look at our list of 9 best practices for every marketing strategy:

1. Use Various Social Networks

When it comes to social networks, everyone has a preference. Regardless of your preference, you must use various, if not all available social networks. This way you’ll have increased brand recognition. After all, the target audience and your followers do not necessarily need to share your preferences in terms of social networks. This means that you must be active on all popular social media platforms.

Once you make profiles and pages on all social networks, you can push on those that work really well for your business. This will depend on the type of business, your target audience and the opportunities a social media platform provides to business owners.

Still, you should never forget to post on other social networks regularly, too. 


2. Do Not Post the Same Content

Yes, different social media platforms give you a higher chance of attracting more and a variety of customers, but this does not mean that you should post the same content on all sites. When sharing some information or simply blogging about your business, make sure that you format the content to make it optimized for every platform you are using.

Take for example Instagram. While Facebook works best with videos and memes, you will need photos for this social media platform. This means that every post you make must be different, even if you are trying to convey the same message.


3. Be Consistent

Regardless of the quality of your product or service, the most important thing you have to do if you want to promote your brand properly is to be consistent on the social networks. It is not sufficient to post a single great piece of content if you fail to post anything else afterward.

The best way to keep your social media activity on a high level is by making a plan. At this point, you can even use tools such as Everypost that allow you to schedule posts, so that you do not have to log in several times a day or a week and post content. 


4. Pick the Right Time to Share

You may not know this, but picking the right time to share is equally important as sharing regularly. If you want to achieve maximum engagement and reach a wider audience, you have to pay attention to where the target audience is and when they are active on the social media platforms.

If you cannot detect the best time for posting, check out specially designed features such as Facebook Insights or even third party tools like FollowerWonk to get an estimate of the best time.


5. Embrace Data Visualization

Did you know that quality content is nothing without proper data visualization? Visualization gets more engagement and shares a stronger message, which is why you need to use the right color palette, various tricks in terms of font and formatting and of course, quality pictures.


6. Write Engaging Titles and Headlines

The first thing a follower will see when your post pops up is the title or the headline. Therefore, it is crucial to create engaging titles and headlines that are worthy of grabbing the attention of your audience.

If you cannot decide on a good title, it is best to test several ideas by showing them to your friends. You can also use helpful tools like BuzzSumo.


7. Ask questions

Your job as a social media marketer is not just to drop links to the product or service you are trying to sell. Customers often want to communicate with the seller and get a better perspective of what they are about to purchase. Social media is not originally made for businesses, but for people, which is why you must strive to make a connection with your audience.

In order to promote engagement on social media platforms, you should always include a question within your posts. These usually come at the end, but you can also place them in the beginning or even the middle of your post.


8. Promote the Same Content Multiple Times

Many marketers think that reposting the same content is a bad thing, but they cannot be more wrong. Data studies have shown that optimizing your content and promoting it multiple times on the social media allows for higher brand recognition, primarily because people may not have seen the information the first time you posted it.



9. Ask for Help

Hiring a professional to write your content does not indicate that you are a bad marketer. This is actually a great step in learning the tricks of creating engaging content, especially if you have little experience in writing such posts. Fortunately, there are many affordable, quality writing services that can help you get the results you want.

Nowadays, social media is the most powerful tool for promoting businesses and every marketer must take this into consideration. If you want to maximize the potential of your business, you must utilize all social media platforms and do your best to generate a lot of traffic.

About the Author

Lisa works for Studyclerk in her free time, helping the team create honest and reliable service reviews. She found her true calling in business consulting. Lisa is also helping young entrepreneurs to scan the market, evaluate their ideas and bring new businesses to life.

Lisa Wheatly

Lisa Wheatly