12 of the Most Creative Business Card Designs From Agencies

Business cards are one of the most effective business communication tools. And if you think that technological advancement has put a stop to its use, then you are very wrong. The use of a business card has not been any less. However, we can easily say that technological advancement brought a lot of creative aspect to the design process.

Previously the cards were just plain text with a person and his company name with the contact info. But, the latest trend enables the designer to be as creative as possible. From making the business cards on biscuits to cleverly showing the purpose of the company through a business card, there are all sorts of design work that is popping up. In this article, we have tried to cover 12 of the most creative design. Please take a look and get amazed by the beautiful creativity of the designers.


The Bombay Bakery

It is famous for its biscuits and keeping this in mind their business card was designed on the biscuits. Now, what could be a better way of branding then this. A person eating the biscuits would cookies these biscuits and this continuous visual would make ‘The Bombay Bakery’ name fed in their mind.


Using legos as can be called as one of the most creative use of the lego. Here we can see how on the front side of the lego is mentioned the name of the person. While on the back side of the lego is mentioned the person’s contact information.

Cheese Graters

Providing people with something they can use is one of the best way to make them remember you. Bon vivant does the same by providing their customer with a business card that could also be used as cheese grater. Interesting, isn’t it!

Apple Retail Store

Apple has always been one step ahead when it comes to enthralling their audience, and their retail store’s business card are no less.  Like Apple’s other product, website, etc. the business card has a minimalistic design and there are just three colors including the background color. Also, one can see how the business card simply invites the user for a talk with the store and nothing else.


Photographer’s service is usually required by people on special occasions or festivals. Therefore, your business card must be interesting enough so that it remains in people’s wallet or card holder for that amount of time. The business card shown below not only serves as contact information but also represents the beautiful moments that is captured through the lens.

QR Code

 QR code in the visiting card has been in the trend as more and more companies are coming with their apps and websites. Scanning these QR codes, people can easily visit those sites or download the app. The business card shown below is simple with just the necessary element- name, contact info and QR code.

Personal Coach

A personal coach helps you to come in shape and this business card perfectly represents the business activity. The card has a fat man who is just pasted over the card. When one removes the card they see a fit man. Isn’t it a brilliant way to explain what the business is about and what a customer can expect?


One of the most cleverly designed logo. The person works as a divorce lawyer and one can see how cleverly it’s depicted in the card which can be divided into two. Another important thing that one can notice is that the contact info of the lawyer is fully mentioned in both the halves.

Yoga Business Card

A yoga center business card in the form of yoga mats. Along with sharing the contact info of the center, it also serves as a gentle reminder for people to bring their Yoga mats along with them.

Bike Multi-Tool Business Card

A perfect business card to promote bike servicing company. Not only the card provides the user with a contact info, but the card can also be used to repair the minor problem on someone’s bike.

Dentist’s Cavity Business Card

The card can be easily called a masterpiece in creative business card design. The black dot in the card symbolizes the cavity that has been formed in a person’s teeth. As you pull out the card the cavity is vanished, depicting that when you avail the dentist service your cavity would be filled.

Picture Frame Business Card

What better way to market your picture frame company then to have a business card in the form of photo frame. A complete marketing in just a 3.5 x 2 inches card.

These are the 12 business card design that we think are attractive enough to capture its users attention. What do you guys think? Do comment your opinion below.