Online Website Builders to Launch a Startup in 2019

Nowadays, coding is an outdated way of creating websites, as it’s a quite tedious and boring process that takes a lot of valuable time and requires special skills many people just don’t have. The most modern solution is using website builders. There are no easier tools to build and launch your website that are as time- and money-saving as possible. Aside from those website builder giants like Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly, we don’t notice lots of other online solutions that are not nearly so bad and sometimes even better than their popular competitors. This article is dedicated to these online website builders trending in 2019, and hopefully, there will be one that fits your needs just perfectly.


8b Website Builder

8b Website Builder

8b is a free online website builder based on Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). This technology allows 8b-run websites to load faster and look better on smartphones. 8b offers 18 versatile website templates and those are fully responsive and customizable. Moreover, 8b features a WYSIWYG editor that makes users manage websites visually with no coding at all. With a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, there won’t be any trouble to set up a good looking one-page website as quickly as possible. There are more features you will love 8b for: PWA support, ZIP download, free publishing, free subdomain, Google Analytics integration, free HTTPS and more.

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SnapPages Online Website Builder

SnapPages is quite good website builder to start with. SnapPages features a decent blogging system along with a form builder. It’s easy to preview exactly how your website is going to look like in the browser before actually pushing it online. The working procedure is straightforward: you just drag and drop web sections and stack them on top of each other. By hitting “Edit”, you can design your web pages in a convenient way. The great advantage of SnapPages is its themes. There are over 10 well-designed and modern-looking templates to choose from and a simple-to-use admin panel that lets you manage your websites just like that.

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Simvoly Web Page Builder

Simvoly is an online website builder with a drag-and-drop interface. Simvoly gives you access to various website designs you can customize to your personal requirements just using your mouse. Drag and drop widgets, stretch and crop any element in the page, add new blocks like services, texts, videos etc, and choose many types of pages such as checkouts, products, webinars, contacts and more. Simvoly also features eCommerce, funnel building and CRM. 

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Weblium Online Page Builder

Weblium is billed as a next-generation online website builder. It provides users with highly modern templates related to lots of website categories: fashion, government, real estate, wedding, healthcare, etc. Each template has a number of unique pages you can personalize intuitively. When clicking on “Start editing”, you will get to a convenient visual editor where you can modify, add and remove website sections and elements as well as edit the site styles. The user-friendly preview allows you to see the way your website behaves on other devices rather than Desktop. Overall, Weblium is the perfect tool if you need more flexibility in website building.

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Voog Online Web Editor

Voog is a german alternative to these online website builders. Voog offers quality blogging features and there is no problem to auto-generate an article for your website. It’s a great tool when it comes to building a multilingual website. With excellent localization options, you will create language versions for your website with no effort. The Voog templates are very straightforward and will fit you if you are about to create a simple yet effective website. 

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Mozello Website Builder

Mozello is a similar online website builder to Voog as to the simplicity of its templates and interface. When not creating a website that is more complex and full-featured, it helps you with building simple and minimalistic web pages that look nothing short of great. Mozello features eCommerce, so you can easily get your online store under way.

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Website builders listed above are very good alternatives to well-known CMS. Each of them has specific features that might be better as opposed to its competitors. All these online website builder apps can help you effectively start your small online business, blog or shop.