10 questions to ask a recrutier when looking for a tech job

Looking for a tech job may seem like an awful activity, tiring, and stressful. You worry about beginning a new chapter of your life, learning new things, but first of all, pass the job interview and get the offer you have desperately waiting for. Before you start worrying, remember that all you tolerate, you worry about. If there is a thing I learned in the past years, is this: nobody knows betters what fits you than yourself. So even before applying for a job, ask yourself some questions and later on, ask the people you’re doing the interview with the same questions. Because they are the only ones entitled to give you the right answers. How do you ensure that the vacancy and the company suit you maximally? The first thing you should remember: don’t be shy to ask questions.


Here are the top 10 questions to ask a recruiter when looking for a tech job

The technical side of your job

  1. What languages/frameworks/libraries are used on the project you will be working on?
  2. Does the company use Agile or similar practices?
  3. How do the teams deploy the services/products?
  4. Who maintains the project’s documentation? How often do the team update it?
  5. How do the team test the code?

tech job

The team, company culture and general

  1. How large are the team and its structure? What will be your precise role, in terms of team hierarchy?
  2. What qualities (technical or soft skills) make someone excel at this company?
  3. Does the company use Agile or similar practices?
  4. To whom will I report?
  5. What learning opportunities are there for developers? Does the company invest in training programs, hackathons, etc.?


Other extremely important questions

  • How will you measure role performance? How does the company conduct the evaluation process?
  • Does the company expect overtime expect in this role?
  • What is the company planning for the next 6 months, 2 years, 5 years?

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