Top 9 Bootstrap 4 Tutorials for 2018

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework. It is meant for faster development of responsive websites. It surely is worth learning and if you’re looking for free resources, be sure to check out our free Bootstrap templates.

It makes designing a lot simpler, and you don’t have to worry too much about how your site looks like on different browsers because the framework already takes care of that. It saves you a lot of time.

If you’re not sure yet if learning Bootstrap 4 is a good idea, here are a few benefits.


5 reasons why you should learn Bootstrap

1.Highly Flexible

Bootstrap gives the developers the flexibility to develop. Its a CSS framework with predefined classes for a layout using its grid system, various CSS components, and Javascript functions.


2. Responsive Grid

This is the most active part of the bootstrap framework. Bootstrap 4 offers a 12 column grid system. The grid system is responsive, that is it adjusts itself depending on the device resolution of the client.


3. Detailed Documentation And Vast Community

Bootstrap has very complete documentation and a vast community supporting it. Even if a developer is new to Bootstrap, the documentation provides excellent support in learning it without any hassles.


4. Consistency

Bootstrap was developed with an idea to give developers a centralized development code. Bootstrap delivers you the end result which is uniform across platforms.


5. Frequent Updates

Bootstrap releases more updates than any other framework. The bootstrap development team as soon as encounters any problem, starts working on the solution.


Where to start learning

1. Official Documentation

This is the first place you should check for updates and official starting guide.

2. This Free Tutorial: Bootstrap 4 Quick Start: Code Modern Responsive Websites

In this free course you will learn:

  • all about the new features in Bootstrap 4
  • what’s different in Bootstrap 4 vs. Bootstrap 3
  • how to set up an efficient workflow for Bootstrap projects
  • how to build 3 separate responsive websites, including a modern startup landing page
  • how to download & install SASS for Bootstrap websites

3. Free Code Camp

It teaches coding first through an established curriculum (approx. 800 hours total on all frameworks). Then, it gives you a hands-on experience working on projects for nonprofits.

4. Team Tree House

Learn how to build websites and apps, write code, or start a business. Learn from over 1,000 videos created by expert teachers on web design, coding, marketing, and much more.

5. Free & Complete Bootstrap 4 course — build 3 projects

A complete Bootstrap 4 course for beginners. Master Bootstrap 4 basics with 3 plans

What will you cover in this course?

  • Bootstrap 4 in-depth
  • A walk through for creating projects from scratch
  • Ability to read documentation

6. Bootstrap 4 by Example

Learn how to build beautiful layouts with this free Bootstrap 4 course. Learn by doing and learn by example!

You will learn:

  • How to Install Bootstrap 4
  • Setting up a Modern Development Environment with Gulp
  • Customizing Bootstrap 4 with Sass
  • Navigation
  • Flex Grid
  • Forms
    …and much more.

7. Video — Bootstrap Beginner Crash Course

Want to learn Twitter Bootstrap? In this video, you will learn the Twitter Bootstrap framework in depth from installation to all of the HTML/CSS components and features.

What will you learn?

  • Grid System
  • Navbars & Dropdowns
  • Jumbotron
  • List Group
  • Alerts & Progress bars
  • Typography
  • Labels & Badges
  • Much More…

8. Learn Bootstrap By Building Projects — Includes Bootstrap 4

Master Responsive Web Development Using Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4 While Building Real Life projects

What will you learn?

  • Build Responsive Websites
  • Understand the use of Bootstrap Components
  • Master the best practices for HTML, CSS and JS development

9. Bootstrap 4: Everything You Need to Know

This article will cover the practical fundamentals you need to start building responsive websites with the latest version of Bootstrap, version 4.

Diana Caliman

Diana Caliman