What Supply and Demand Teaches Us about Content Marketing

Looking for information about the role of supply and demand in content marketing?

You already know that you need the best content to attract traffic to your website. Therefore, you have probably written tons of informative articles about your services and products and uploaded them onto your site. However, there is more to it than that.

Every marketing expert talks about content marketing and how it is useful for driving website traffic. If you have not started attracting visitors, it does not mean that you don’t have the right content. It just means that you have not combined this content to the laws of supply and demand in the most advantageous way possible for your offerings.

Great Content Doesn’t Always Work

If you want to promote specific products and/or services, you start by creating content that describes what you are selling. Theoretically speaking, this kind of content should prove useful. However, you might also not end up seeing any spurt in traffic after adding it to your website.

Upon doing research, you will figure out that not enough people are searching for the products and/or services featured within the pages of that content.

For instance, if you work on content about shoulder replacement surgery, but discover that people in your local area are looking for knee replacement information you have a problem. In such a situation, the content you created will not drive traffic to your site because people are not actively looking for it.

Although it might be quality content, it is not what people are looking for.  This simply means that the product and/or service you are promoting might not be in great demand.

Similarly, what you are selling might be so advanced or new that people have not heard about it yet. In either case, you won’t get great returns on your investment – irrespective of how good the content might be.

This does not mean that you should avoid creating content for such products and/or services. It only means that this type of content should not be prioritized in your content marketing campaign. Instead, focus on creating something that people are actively searching to find.

Then, market that content to reach the right kind of audience.

Why Market Research Counts

When you decide to engage in content marketing, chances are that you will be tempted to get started on creating tons of new content right out of the gate. However, this is not the best strategy to follow.

Creating content for topics people might not be interested in means that you won’t get good returns on your investment. However, when you do market research you will be able to find out what people are looking for.

You will also discover the language and words they are using to look for this kind of content. Only after you have established this baseline should you start creating content based on the market research data you have received.

This is the concept that encapsulates the law of supply and demand.  Find out what people need and/or want and give it to them.  Why invest your time, energy and resources in creating high-quality content that people simply are not wanting to find.


NOTE:  This does not mean that they will not be looking for it in the future.  Keeping a pulse on what your audience is looking for is one of the main ingredients that creates the high-powered results of proper market research. Following these details once uncovered is how to start a website traffic explosion.

Market research, of course, takes time. However, it will be worth it in the long run. Researching your market will go a long way in helping you find out what people are looking for before you get started on creating your content marketing strategy.

You will also save yourself a lot of time, and start seeing results faster than if you had just opted to write a bunch of content that you thought people might think important only to find out that painfully few people are looking for it.


In conclusion, the law of supply and demand, when used in relation to content marketing, dictates that you need to supply content that is in high demand by your audience. Try this today and watch as your web traffic, sales, returns on investment, and profits begin to soar beyond your wildest expectations


Erica Badino

Erica Badino

After helping launch several successful blogs, Erica Badino is on a quest to share her knowledge and experiences with bloggers both new and old. You can find her online @ericabadino01