The Top 3 Programming Languages (And What They're Used For)

In today’s online world, it’s easy for anyone to make a website and bring it to life with various available tools. Drag-and-drop builders are everywhere, and platforms like WordPress make our lives easier than ever. Behind the scenes, however, programming languages are what makes this all possible.

Today, we’ll look at all the incredible things coders make with these programming languages and describe top three that are used most often.

What is a Programming Language?

In short, a programming language is a set of instructions for computers to execute. They consist of scripts, software programs, and other elements. There are a lot of different options, and they’re used for a wide variety of things in the technology world.

Here are just a few examples of what these languages can do:

  • Application and development
  • Artificial intelligence (machine learning, chatbots, etc.)
  • Database development
  • Game development
  • Computer drivers and hardware interfaces
  • Website development
  • Scripting, and more

It’s incredible to think that all of the things we take for granted were born from these types of languages. Let’s take a look at three options many developers are using and what they can accomplish with these choices.

Top 3 Programming Languages (And What They’re Used For)

Glassdoor recently published their report on the highest paying jobs for 2016, and it turns out there’s a lot of demand for people with the coding knowledge. In fact, software development ranked #4 on the list with a median salary of $132,000!

Other roles such as system architects and application developers also made it on the list with comparable salary options. It’s clear that this skill set is in demand, but where should you start? Let’s take a look!

1. SQL

Pronounced as “sequel,” this language is present in all kinds of different technologies. This makes it one of the most sought-after languages in the IT industry. For example, database technologies like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server are all used by businesses, hospitals, banks, universities, and more.

In short, just about anyone who interacts with computers and technology will also interact with something powered using the SQL programming. Another perfect example is mobile phones. Android and iOS operating systems have access to the database known as SQLite, and apps such as Google Search and Skype use it as well.

2. JavaScript

Being different from the age-old Java language, JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It’s used to give web pages interactivity, which breathes life into otherwise boring websites. With this language, you add effects to your web pages, display messages, or create basic games built into the site.

JavaScript is also the scripting language of the internet and is found in all of the major web browsers. Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Safari all use it. Furthermore, almost every website incorporates JavaScript to some degree, which is why it’s so in demand currently.

3. Ruby on Rails

Ruby is another general purpose programming language that is used in web programming. The Rails aspect of it is used as a framework for the Ruby language as a whole. Ruby on Rails development has a lot of great benefits including fast development time and the need for less coding than other languages.

There are third-party libraries available where you can find much of the code you need. Ruby is used everywhere, from small startups to big companies such as Hulu, Twitter, and Github who are using it in their web apps.

Final Thoughts

Programming languages are a part of our daily lives, whether we are aware of it or not. Are you familiar with any of these languages yourself? Let us know how you utilize it in the comments!

Erica Badino

Erica Badino

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