Top JavaScript Frameworks to Watch Out For in 2020

Every year, many JavaScript libraries and frameworks enter the market. Some of them gain a raised popularity and picked by app development companies for creating futuristic applications, while others remain behind the curtains or go extinct.

In such a scenario, keeping yourself updated with the best JavaScript tools to consider in 2020 is a profitable decision. It can prevent you from investing in a JS framework that no longer is popular in the market and eventually pick a better alternative as per your app needs.

So, taking the same into consideration, today we will be covering the top 10 JavaScript libraries and frameworks that are expected to rule the development world in 2020.

1. Angular

The foremost JavaScript framework that is ruling the marketplace and will continue to remain on top in 2020 is Angular.

This full-features framework is a part of famous LAMP and MEAN stacks, and are considered by high-end companies because of advantages like full set of tools, elegant programming style, large environment, and high-quality code generation.

The framework is the first-choice of app development companies when it comes to building Single page applications (SPAs).

2. React

Developed and maintained by Facebook, React (also called React.js) is yet another best JavaScript framework to consider for ruling the development world.

The library is basically a user interface design library but is a good fit for building responsive single-page applications and cross-platform apps too. It comes loaded with various features such as small file size, flexibility, compatibility with multiple libraries, and simplified maintenance process.

What’s more, it is highly recommended by prominent brands like Netflix, Whatsapp, and NY Times.

3. Vue.js

Introduced back in 2014 by Evan You, Vue.js framework is getting a huge momentum in the mobile market. It is, in fact, giving a tough competition to both Angular and React.js and is expected to outshine in the market. And the probable reason behind this is the set of features it entails. Some of these features and functionalities are a less steep learning curve, ease of integration with different programming languages, and hassle-free setup experience.

The three reputed companies relying upon Vue.js for enjoying efficient mobility services are People, WebMD, and Garmin.

4. Ember

Another JavaScript framework that mobile app development companies should focus upon in 2020 is Ember.

It is an open-source JS framework that works based on MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) pattern to build single-page web applications and mobile applications. It comes loaded with various functionalities like higher consistency, exclusive debugging facilities, and full-stack development options that make mobile app developers pick Ember over other such available options.

5. Node.js

Node.js, one of the best cross-platform app development frameworks, also lands into the list of JS frameworks that will enjoy the limelight in the market in 2020.

The framework is open-source JavaScript runtime environment that avails a myriad of benefits to app developers including ease of learning, higher scalability, full-stack software development options, higher performance with the help of Google V8 engine, huge community, etc. Something because of which this server development environment is a part of the tech stack of brand evangelists like Groupon, LinkedIn, Netflix, IBM, SAP, Yahoo, Microsoft, Walmart, and GoDaddy.

6. Meteor

Meteor (also called Meteor.js) is an open-source JS framework created using Node.js environment.

It is basically introduced into the application environment to foster rapid prototyping and eases the process of cross-platform app development. It easily gets integrated with the MongoDB database and employs the Distributed Data Protocol to automatically transmit data changes to clients without compelling web and mobile app developers to write any synchronization code.

Besides, the framework can also be taken into consideration with its own Blaze templating engine, alongside the Angular or React JS framework.

7. Polymer

Introduced by Google, Polymer is an open-source JavaScript library that lets developers build impressive web solutions using Web components. It supports both one-way and two-way binding and encourages developers to deliver exceptional services without making the app development process complicated.

The JavaScript framework has been employed in various Google services and websites including YouTube Gaming, Google Play Music, Google Earth, etc. Also, it has been considered by various reputed brands like Netflix, Coca-Cola, IBM, ING, McDonald’s, and General Electric for bringing the best of solutions into existence.

8. Backbone

Backbone is yet another JavaScript framework that made its place to this list of top JavaScript frameworks for 2020.

It is lightweight, offers event-driven communication features, and can be easily synchronized with backend projects to deliver out-of-the-box support for RESTful APIs. It is in fact, considered as the best choice for MVP development because of its option of streamlining the callbacks between views and models, and manage what is changed in the view.

Various popular brands like Hulu, USA Today, and Disqus relies upon this javascript library to meet their business app needs.

9. Express.js
Express.js, or simply Express, is yet another JavaScript framework that will gain momentum in 2020.

This free and open-source software is often considered in combination with Node.js for building web apps and APIs. But, it holds manifold features like simplicity, high-performance, extensibility, and flexibility that encourages developers to consider it as an individual entity too.

10. Redux

Last but not least, Redux is also one of the best JavaScript libraries to look out for in 2020. The library is often used along with React and Angular for developing user interfaces, updating visual information for audiences, managing over the executions of action, and much more.

So, these were some of the JavaScript frameworks that are predicted to change the landscape of the development world in 2020. And thus, it should be considered by all the web and mobile app development companies while developing a new software/mobility solution.

However, this does not mean that developers should keep their focus confined to these 10 frameworks only. With the change in time and users’ behavior, many more frameworks are emerging into the market and could probably add to this list soon. So, it is again important for mobile application developers to keep them updated with all such frameworks and take a wise decision while picking the right JS framework for their app needs.