5 Ways to Use AI in Web Design

Whether you like it or loathe it, artificial intelligence has become a crucial part of our society. From self-driven vehicles to fraud prevention, more and more businesses are using AI to develop creative solutions to a wide range of problems.

One industry to jump on the bandwagon is web design. In an age where everything from retailers to tutoring is moving online,  local website designers are harnessing the power of AI to improve user experience. If you’re looking to get ahead of the curve with AI-assisted features for your website, then you’re in the right place. Here are five ways that you can use AI to improve your website functionality and user experience. 


If you’re a regular user of the internet, you’ve probably come across a chatbot at some point. A chatbot is artificial intelligence software that can converse with a user on messaging applications, websites, or phones. It has transformed the way customers interact with websites by replacing touch and click with actual conversation. Chatbots are a pretty powerful customer service tool, too, as they can work 24/7 to deal with a wide range of queries. The best thing is, they don’t need sleep – so no need to feel guilty if you have a burning question at 2 am!


Personalized shopping 

With online shopping rising in popularity, retailers are getting creative with their online services. Artificial intelligence is being harnessed far and wide to provide customers with an improved shopping experience, like asking visitors questions before they start shopping to help direct them to the right place. Think of it as a virtual sales assistant – pretty neat stuff!

Sniff out fake reviews 

Word of mouth is a vital decision-making tool for many customers. Still, when fake reviews weed their way into the mix, making an informed decision based on customer feedback becomes almost impossible. AI-driven systems are expertly equipped to identify abnormalities against genuine customer reviews so that customers can make a decision on a product based on legitimate feedback. 

Interface design 

Sometimes the most challenging part of getting a job done is making a decision. In the web design process, AI can help humans make vital visuals, design, and branding choices. One way AI can contribute to design optimization is by contributing to the user interface (UI). AI software can take the driving seat on design ideas, making decisions based on an awareness of design fundamentals and existing pages on a website. It can imitate human behavior and independent thought processes to create practical and visually appealing web designs. 

AI can also transform wireframes in the form of rough hand-sketches into a digital prototype, without any human input. 


AI can also get involved with the nitty-gritty of the analytics process, working out which designs are the most effective and how they can be improved. AI can search for web analytics data patterns, suggest campaign ideas, and prevent reports in an attractive and practical way. 

To sum up 

With web design and AI both developing at an increasingly rapid rate, who knows what advances could be made as the two continue to work together. We’ve got one guess – it’s going to be big.