Best Free Templates to Start Your Business Website

Your startup is going to be successful. You are almost entirely prepared and professional. To complete your preparedness and professionalism in your new business endeavor, you must first have a website.

You can create your own website or hire a professional to do it for you. To prepare for your site’s creation, you must first decide on how you want your business website to look and flow. 

To create a well thought out website, you can reference or use the best free templates to start your business. Using a website builder with templates will present a ton of niche-specific features depending on the template and the platform it’s on. 

Some of the website templates are commonly used and works best for business startups. Some templates maybe a little more artistic or different. Different templates can make your startup website more memorable and, therefore, more lucrative.

Without further ado, let’s run down the best free templates for starting your business based on the most popular website builder platforms out there. 

Zyro has a large selection of templates paired with its easy-to-use website builder. Each one could be used for a business website. The best free templates to start your business websites will be the ones with the best flow and cleanest designs. Let’s cover some of the best free templates by Zyro.


 brooke website template

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This beautiful, cleanly design template will work for any kind of business. This template immediately gives your website visitors an option to contact you. This is an excellent way to introduce yourself. 

The landing page features a large title area, next to an equally large phot area that will make a great and professional first impression. There are links below the title area that will allow visitors to visit other pages on the site or other sites related to your business.

This web design is perfect for a startup business because it helps the buyer or customer get straight to the point while still leaving room on the page to get to know more about your or your business.


efes template

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The Efes template on Zyro is perfect for those businesses that want their business to be represented by the brand itself. The landing page offers a large title space for a logo to be added somewhere beside it. 

The logo and title are one of the first things a visitor will see on this page. The navigation bar is neatly placed above the title and logo area to the landing page’s right. This gives the business website template a very clean and professional presentation.

Underneath the title page offers a lot of room for photos. This photo template is the perfect place to introduce administrators of the website or products you offer. 

There is space to write about the company and more below the title and logo space. This template is common, proven, and trusted.


Mischa template

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The Mischa business website template is a combination of both the Brooke and Efes templates. The navigation bar is neatly placed to the page’s right with a large picture and title area right below it. 

The picture and title area differ from the templates mentioned above and are placed side by side. This website offers widgets near the bottom of the page for you to add links and more information. There are more spaces to added pictures.

The Mischa template has a clear and concise them throughout the whole page. It’s bright, open, and inviting.


Wix is another amazing website builder that offers free business templates for your website. You can use these website templates for any kind of website and get some amazing and very professional results. 

Some of the templates offered even have moving parts in them. This would make your website very dynamic and futuristic. Your visitors will not want to leave your page.

Wix has many kinds of templates. The templates are somewhat organized into the type of business you want to start. 

They offer templates for food, catering, and restaurant websites. There are templates that would be perfect for bloggers and concert venue businesses.

Online Cooking Recipe Template

 cooking template

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Wix’s online recipe website template is perfect for displaying your recipes or blog information. This the aesthetics of this template is bright and fun and will make your visitors want to explore your professionally designed website. 

All of the photos on this template have clickable text underneath for easy access to links with the recipes themselves. This template might work perfectly with an online retail store as well.

Catering Template

catering template

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Wix’s catering website template is a beautiful and creative masterpiece that will allow room for your images and information. The flow of this website is slightly artistic but very professional, clean, and readable. 

The ambiance this website template creates is one of sophistication and creativity.



Considering WordPress is the most popular content management system out there, let’s run down some great themes for your business site.


shapely theme

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Shapely is a one-page WordPress design that works with all of the WordPress websites. It’s simple and easy to use a free business template that offers extensive customization options. 

You can use the Shapely word press template with WooCommerceJetpack, and gravity forms.

The Shapely them is best for landing pages, home pages, or even a one-page website for your business. The Shapely business template is also great for blogs, magazines, portfolios, and other kinds of websites. 

The structure of the blog is easy to operate and is perfect for search engine optimized websites. Overall this is a flexible and representative theme that will concisely and highlight what your business is about.


546 Sixteen Clothing

Sixteen Clothing template

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The 546 Sixteen Clothing template is perfect for online retail. This template looks similar to many retail websites. Its familiar look and professional feel are sure to make your customers feel comfortable shipping and spending money with your company.

This website offers a large slide show picture area where you can put site announcements and images. Below this area, you can add images of our product, their descriptions, and price tags. 

If you’re interested in a simple and straight forward online retail design, you should check out the 546 Sixteen Clothing template on the theme store.


Bonus – Argon Web Builder

argon web builder

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Argon Web Builder is a beautiful Drag and Drop builder that will help you create web pages in minutes, even if you don’t have coding skills. Using this modern web builder you will be amazed at how easy the development process can be. You only have to choose the blocks (navigations, headers, etc.), customize the brand colors, and download the source code.

This easy to use and powerful web tool that can be used by coders and also no-coders, for example:

    • web developers that can code and want to have access to the HTML/CSS/JS files
    • media agencies that usually create landing pages for different campaigns for their clients
    • entrepreneurs who don’t have a background in IT but they want to have an online presence 

This editor will help you move faster from building a layout to the refining stage so that you can have time to work on the details. Another great thing is that you can share the prepared project with other team members to review or use a link to check the mobile devices’ project. All the pages are responsive.

Wrapping Up

Website templates such as Shapely are simple and easy to use. They also offer all of the tools you’ll need to get your website the way you want it when paired with a reliable website builder or content management system. 

Creating a website can be a little overwhelming time. There are plenty of features to consider, plugins to figure out and copy to write. However, these easy to use platforms are a great help for any business owner, big or small, when kickstarting your online presence. 

Keep in mind that there is no right option for every business. We all have different needs and requirements and target different audiences. At the end of the day, research is the best thing you can do before making an educated decision. I hope this article sets you on the right path.

Good luck with starting your brand new business website!