Vue Snackbar - Material


The MaterialSnackbar component helps you to simply create a beautiful notification/alert.

Toast Basic

Props Information

title*stringUsed to set the MaterialSnackbar title. It is a required prop.
datestringUsed to set the MaterialSnackbar date or time.
descriptionstringUsed to set the MaterialSnackbar content or description.
color'primary''secondary''info''success''warning''danger''error''light''dark'successChange the MaterialSnackbar background color.
icon['component', 'color']icon accepts an object that can be used to set the MaterialSnackbar icon along with its color.
  1. component is used to set snackbar icon.
  2. color is used to set snackbar icon color.
closeHandlerfunctionUsed to close the MaterialSnackbar once the user hit the close button.

Toast Message